Teeth Whitening Cost in Mumbai- 2022

What constitutes a beautiful smile is a set of beautiful teeth. Contrary to that stained or discolored teeth can be quite a put-off. Unfortunately, if you are suffering from this problem, there is nothing to sweat about. The reason is that there are many procedures available, that will help you get rid of your difficulty. One of which is Teeth Whitening. If you reside in Mumbai and want to get a dazzling smile, worry not, we have listed all the required information in this article, below. Check out the teeth whitening costs in Mumbai before you decide to go for the procedure. 

Before that let me tell you what Teeth Whitening does. Teeth Whitening is done for lightening your teeth and removing any stain or discoloration of the same. You will find this facility in most of dental clinics. Thanks to modern age equipment. For better results, you have to repeat the procedure a couple of times as advised by your dentist. 

Teeth Whitening Cost in Mumbai

You might decide to go for a teeth whitening procedure because of medical need or recommendation. It could be also for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason might be its also good to proceed well informed.

Dental Scaling Cost in Mumbai

Dental Scaling is a commonly used procedure in the world of dental cosmetics and hygiene. It is used mainly for patients with gum disease and excessive plaque buildup but is also a part of the annual oral check-up. In this procedure, the cleaning process extends to the bottom of the gum line to remove the built-up plaque. This process is commonly known as Deep Cleaning. This clean up goes way beyond your regular toothbrushing and flossing.

In today’s date,  most of our population suffers from some kind of plaque, which covers our teeth all the time comprising of our saliva, bacteria and some other micro-organisms which form a thin layer around our teeth. When we eat something, the tiny particles from our food gets stuck to this layer creating a film and in a longer period of time, it takes the form of Plaque. Prolonged deposits of plaque may lead to hardening of the deposits into Calculus. What is more serious about this matter is that this will lead to major gum diseases and tooth decay in a very early age. The regular chores like brushing twice a day, flossing, using a mouthwash et cetera will help to keep the plaque away.

It would be a lie if I say these procedures are absolutely without any discomfort. They are not, especially, if you have sensitive teeth and gums, which generally is a result of the existing built-up plaque and calculus. In rare cases of severely sensitive or painful condition, you may be offered anesthetic to numb the areas.

During the procedure of dental scaling, you may feel some discomfort due to the ultrasonic vibrations used to remove the deposits. But most people do not complain of any discomfort after a couple of days from the procedure. In rare cases there can be prolonged sensitivity of the teeth after scaling procedure or some temporary mobility of the teeth may be noticed, but that is basically the full manifestation of the hidden disease. Your dentist will take adequate measures to relieve you of these problems, if at all they arise.

The next important step will be taking utmost care of your teeth after scaling which includes regular brushing, flossing and all the other activities as suggested by your dentist to avoid future plaque.

Dental Scaling Cost in Government Hospitals

Mumbai is a metro city. By which you can imagine that it avails all the facilities for Dental Scaling. In fact, most of the government hospitals in Mumbai are equipped for such procedures. What’s more exciting is that the Government Hospitals provide this facility for free. But don’t think for a moment the treatment won’t be up to mark. It may be free but Government Hospitals in Mumbai are well-prepared for all the required steps of the course. They have been offering this facility to many people since the introduction of such a concept. If you want to stay fit within your budget, this will be a good place to start.

Dental Scaling Cost in Private Institutions

Private Institutions can help you out if you want to enjoy certain added benefits which Government Hospital does not provide. These institutions strike a profitable deal as the cost starts from Rs. 100 only. If you are not tight on budget, you can choose whichever budget plan fits you best. Which means, this is a place for everybody. You can keep both your pocket and teeth happy, at the same time.

Dental Scaling Cost in Private Clinics

There is a huge range of Private Dental Clinics in Mumbai that offers Dental Scaling. Along with world-class equipment, you will also find some very amazing doctors. The cost of dental scaling in such clinics range between Rs. 700-2000. The different cost comes with different facilities. You will be provided with various options to choose from. Choose whichever fits your need and budget.

Dental Scaling in Corporate Clinic

This collection is in the high-end category. Corporate clinics not only provide with world-class equipment but also ranks tops in the matter of patient-care. They no doubt charge a bit more than the others but at the end of the course, you would have nothing to complain about. The cost of treatment in such clinics start from Rs. 750 per sitting, with 2-6 sittings as suitable.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Mumbai

One of the common ways of whitening teeth is “Bleaching”. With the above-mentioned Scaling procedures, your teeth will resume your original shade along with being plaque-free. In case, you want further whitening, you can go for Teeth Bleaching. There are two options in Teeth Bleaching-

  1. In-office Teeth Bleaching
  2. At-home remedies

In both the cases, bleaching agents are used. This is one of the most common procedures in dental cosmetic treatment. It is best done professionally. The most hyped-about techniques of teeth bleaching are Bleaching Strips, Bleaching Gels, Bleaching Pens and also Laser Whitening. The main ingredient of the bleaching agents used is Hydrogen Peroxide which releases active oxygen in order to oxidize any stains on the teeth, therefore making it lighter in appearance. The results of Teeth Bleaching lasts up to several months. It basically depends upon the lifestyle of the patient. Following the instructions of your dentists will save you from further disruptions.

Typically, the bleaching gel contains 3%- 16% hydrogen peroxide concentration. Which is why such procedures are only allowed by certified dental practitioners. One of the main advantages of this procedure is that, only one sitting is enough. Therefore, it is the best option as it is fast and effective solution, but it should always be done following a session of dental scaling, in order to avoid any unhygienic conditions in the mouth.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Government Hospitals

Similar to Teeth Scaling, Teeth Bleaching too has wide options in the government sector. There are quite a few Government Institutions that provide Teeth Bleaching. Not only it provides you with all the required equipment but also is cost-effective. The price of Teeth Bleaching in Government Hospitals starts from Rs. 500. Mumbai Government hospitals are well maintained and well- functioned. The recommended one will be Government Dental College and Hospital in Fort.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Private Institutions

The next in the range category comes the Private Institutions. They give you the feeling of both a Government and a Private clinic. Treatment will be almost like private clinics but price a little above government hospital. Speaking of which, the price of teeth bleaching in Private Institutions ranges from Rs. 1000 onwards. Private Institutions of Mumbai has some great dentists. The results too.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Private Clinics

Mumbai has quite a large number of Private Clinics for Teeth Bleaching. Some of the highly rated ones are My Smile, Global Smiles, Om Dental Clinic, Aesthetic Smiles and Dental Clinic etc. A large number of actors confide on these clinics. They have some amazing dentists in Mumbai. These bleaching procedures will cost you around Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000. Nonetheless, the results will be worth your money and time.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Corporate Clinics

There is no scarcity of Corporate Clinics in a place like Mumbai. In fact, there are some great corporate clinics for teeth bleaching in Mumbai. You will well be taken care of in such a facility. Getting your teeth bleached in such a place will give you utmost comfort and desired result. The price for such facility ranges from Rs. 3000.


Teeth Whitening is an option is not solely one’s own wish. At times the bleeding gums and bad breadth might compel you to go visit a Dentists for Dental Scaling. As an individual, you yourself know your needs best. With all the given information, relate your requirements and necessity. And if you are skipping a heart beat thinking of the procedure, it is totally normal. With the knowledge of teeth whitening cost in Mumbai and best Dentists in Mumbai, you will be in good hands with all the professional experts. But after that, keeping up with the basic hygiene and good results will solely depend upon you.