Teeth Whitening cost in Chennai- 2021

In this era of limitless deadlines and dire necessity of staying awake, Coffee and tea becomes our ‘need’ to stay alive and active. And when the weekend arrives, a bit of fun becomes the only goal of our life. Which includes red wine and smoking. After following this routine for a couple of years, we are left with dull and discolored teeth. This adds to the pressure of looking presentable in the morning and also takes a toll on our confidence. But worry not! This era also presents us with the advancement of science which gives us the benefit of Teeth Whitening. And if you are worried about the cost of these procedures, we got you covered. If you live in Chennai, this article will help you cover the basics of Teeth Whitening cost in Chennai. Chennai is blessed with all the advanced facilities for such procedures along with amazing dentists.

Teeth Whitening cost in Chennai- 2019

You might decide to go for one of the following procedures if you are looking for whitening your teeth. The procedure would depend on your requirement and what your dentist recommends.

Dental Scaling Cost in Chennai

Dental Scaling is the term used for the process of treating gum diseases. This is a very common practice in the field of dental cosmetic treatment. Where a general cleaning includes only the surface cleaning of the teeth, Scaling goes deeper than that. It is a thorough process. The main area of expertise of Dental Scaling is to treat plaque buildup beneath the gum line. This is why this process is also known as “Deep Cleaning”. It is the successor of your regular cleaning and check ups.

Today, most of the population is suffering from Plaque or some kind of gum disease. With the lifestyle we live, it’s very common. Our teeth are surrounded by our saliva, proteins and bacteria which form a harmless thin layer around it called pellicle. While eating our food, the residues like sugar and acids or the tiny particles of our food get stuck in that thin layer. With time, it takes the form of Plaque. The bacteria that forms plaque will eventually lead to tooth decay and gum diseases. Our daily dental chore like brushing and flossing helps to prevent this problem to an extent. Negligence will lead to inflammation of the gums, bad breath and stubborn deposits with deeper pockets around our gums. If these pockets extend to  3 millimeters or more, it becomes a major matter of concern. That’s when Scaling comes to your rescue.

There are two procedures for Scaling. One is done with traditional Handheld instruments, which is the older and cruder method and other is done by Ultrasonic instruments, which is one of the latest and most commonly employed methods. The only downside to the method of scaling is that the procedure may sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. Your dentist will offer you a local anesthetic to ease your pain, which may rarely be there, but still to some extent it remains uncomfortable due to the ultrasonic vibrations. The experience differs from person to person. Some may also end up having tender gums and/or sensitive teeth for a couple of days while others may not feel any discomfort. The discomfort lasts only for a day or two. With all the scraping and scratching all around the mouth, it is obvious and understandable. After all, you will be left with shining, beautiful and healthy teeth.

Depending on the amount and extent of intervention needed Dental Scaling may be done in a single sitting or may require 2-4 sittings until desired results are achieved. Our Dental expert suggests to undergo regular dental check-up and dental scaling once a year, generally. It is very important that you follow all the instructions provided to you by your dentist. It will help you to retain the health of your gums and enjoy its benefits to a longer period of time.

Dental Scaling Cost In Government Hospitals

Dental Scaling in Chennai is offered by many Government Hospitals. They not only have good dentists, but also the required equipment. The cherry on the top is that, it is done free of cost. The Government Hospitals in Chennai allows you to avail this procedure without any fees or at a very nominal rate. Anyone can go and get their scaling done there. It is a huge plus point for the students those who are trying to get it done and also save a couple of bucks.

Dental Scaling Cost in Private Institution

If you are a little tight on budget but want to avail the facility similar to Private Clinics, Private Institutions are your destination. They are not only pocket-friendly but also equipped with necessary advancements. You get doctors well educated and qualified. The cost for such institutions in Chennai range between Rs. 250 to Rs. 500.

Dental Scaling Cost in Private Clinics

Private Clinics not only have the best patient-care system, but they also consist of amazing doctors. Chennai has quite a few of Private Clinics that provide Dental Scaling. They are very well equipped and have all the world class facilities in them. Professionalism reflects to its core. If you want to avail such facilities, it would cost you around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 at the minimum. The results will be not only satisfying but also long lasting. Check out the best dental clinics in Chennai.

Dental Scaling in Corporate Clinic

If money is not your concern and you want all the facilities out there, Corporate Clinic is the place. They provide you with utmost care and treatment like no other. These clinics are well known for their patient-care and staff management. These clinics’ facilities in Chennai will cost you around Rs. 1000-1500. Needless to say, the results will be worth your time and money.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Chennai

Teeth Bleaching is a process through which you can achieve the natural shade of your tooth or even whiter than your natural shade, depending on your need. This restoration of your natural shade is done by removing the outer layer of the discoloration that covers your teeth. For doing so, Hydrogen Peroxide is used. This is the reason why this method is known as Teeth Bleaching. Teeth Bleaching can be done in two ways.

  1. In-office teeth bleaching
  2. Home-based teeth bleaching

Discoloration of the teeth can be caused by multiple factors, such as, coffee, tea, red wine, soft water, yellow curry and many more. In such cases, teeth bleaching is suggested. Teeth bleaching a very common practice in the field of dental cosmetics. In-office based treatments include 15% to 43% peroxide. This is the reason that this procedure is allowed to perform only by certified dentists. For home based methods, a lot of ready-to-use options are there in the market. Some of which includes Bleaching pen, Bleaching gel, Bleaching strips and also laser tooth whitening. You can choose whichever suits best your needs. But we would advise to go for whatever your doctor suggests.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Government Hospitals

In Chennai, there are quite a few Government Hospitals that provide the facility of Teeth Bleaching. Government hospitals there give you all the required treatments in a very pocket-friendly price. These hospitals are well-equipped and well-served by some amazing doctors. The price of such place will cost you minimum Rs. 700.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Private Institutions

Private Institutions are well-versed in such treatments. They help you get your desired results with all the available equipment. You get doctors who are well-qualified. The range of teeth bleaching in Chennai at such institutions starts from Rs. 1500. It is a huge win at this rate.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Private Clinics

Private Clinics of Chennai are no stranger to this treatment. In fact, they have some of the best equipment required for such procedure. Along with that you get world-class facilities and doctors. You will be well taken care of in such a facility, as these clinics are well known for that. The amount required for such facility starts from Rs. 2500.

Teeth Bleaching Cost in Corporate Clinics

Chennai has quite a few good Corporate clinics that perform Teeth Bleaching. Corporate clinics have the main advantage of providing the best patient-care system. Apart from having top variations of advancement, they also have the best staff management. The list of benefits goes on. If you want to treat yourself in such care-facility, it will cost you around Rs. 3000 minimum.


Teeth Whitening is an option to be explored solely with one’s own wish or if one might be advised to go for the procedure as recommended by the Dentist. With all the given information, relate your requirements and necessity. And if you are skipping a heart beat thinking of the procedure, it is totally normal. Needless to say, you will be in good hands with all the professional experts. And equipped with the information on teeth whitening cost in Chennai, you are ready to make a smart choice. But after that, keeping up with the good results will solely depend upon you.