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Top 10 Best Government Hospitals in Chennai – List 2019


When we are looking for hospitals for ourselves or our dear ones we usually select a private hospital as we believe that the facilities and the doctors are better in private hospitals than Government hospitals. But some of the top Government hospitals in Chennai have latest equipment and highly quantified and experienced doctors. So if you have budget constraints or suffering from a long term ailment, these hospitals would be a good place to go to. These Government hospitals not only provide free services to the needy and poor people, but they provide best doctors consultation too. There are several government hospitals which are functioning in the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu to assist and support those who can’t afford to pay a big amount of money for the best treatment of diseases. In this article, we are listing the Top 10 Best government hospitals in Chennai with address. Do check them out!

Top 10 Best Government Hospitals in Chennai – List 2018

The hospital listed below are the best in Chennai and you can select anyone according to the convenience of your location. We have compiled top Government hospitals in Chennai with doctors list and contact details wherever possible.


Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital

Government General Hospital is the most sought-after and popular hospital in Chennai. It comes with General O.P Department and   Specialty O.P Departments functioning from 7.30 A.M to 10 A.M and 10.00 A.M to 12 Noon respectively. The treatments readily available are for Accident and Emergency, ENT, Cardiology, Dental, Endocrinology, Head Injury, Leprosy, General Surgery, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Oncology, Skin, Urology and many more. It has facilities such as Blood Bank facility, 24 Hours Casualty services, Master Health Check-up Scheme, etc.

Address: Government General Hospital, Near Chennai Railway Station, Poonamalle High Road, Chennai – 600 003

Phone: 25363144 / 25360881 Board: 25363130 to 25363139

Government Stanley Hospital

Government Stanley Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in the city of Chennai. It has medical facilities such as 24 hours Acute Gastric Bleed Management Centre, Plastic Surgery Department, 24 Hours Casualty services, Master Health Check-up scheme, Kidney Transplantation, Cobalt Therapy for Cancer patients, Open Heart Surgery, Blood Bank facility and Closed Heart Surgery and Valve Replacement, etc. it provides treatment in General Medicine, General Surgery, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, etc. The three well known departments of the Stanley Medical Hospitals are Surgical Gastroenterology, Urology and the Institute of Hand Rehabilitation and Plastic Surgery. It is one of the best centers in Southeast Asia . An ICMR Stem Cell and Diagnostic Laboratory ensures a zero infection rate that is critical for a transplant programme and is involved in ongoing research on liver progression cells as a therapeutic option in end stage liver disease. With a medical infrastructure as good as a five-star hospital Stanley has been drawing the middle class people who prefer to pay Rs.5000 for a hepatectomy.

Address: Government Stanley Hospital, 8, Old Jail Road, Chennai – 600 001,

Phone: 25240900 Board: 25261345 to 25261356

Kilpauk Medical College Hospital

Kilpauk Medical College Hospital is a well-known government hospital in Chennai. It comes with General and Specialty OP department functioning in the morning hours. Specialty Treatment readily available is for Accident and Emergency, Dental, Burns, General Medicine, Cardiology, General Surgery, E.N.T, Paediatric Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Nephrology, Plastic Surgery, Neurology and many more. This hospital is known for its modern medical facilities and its related services.

Address: Kilpauk Medical College Hospital, Poonamallee High Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010.

Phone: 28255364 / 28255231 Board: 28255331 to 28255334

Government Royapettah Hospital

Government Royapettah Hospital is a popular government hospital for the poor and needy.  It comes with General OP and Specialty OP facilities.  It successfully provides treatment for Trauma, Skin, Urology, burn, STD, etc. it comes with facilities such as C.T. Scan facility, 24 Hour Casualty services, Chemotherapy treatment and Cobalt therapy for cancer patients, Master Health Check-up scheme, and Blood Bank facility.

Address: Government Royapettah Hospital, West Cott Road, Royapettah, Chennai – 600 014.

Ph: 28483272 Board: 28483051 / 28483052 / 28483053 / 28483054 / 28483055 / 28483056 / 28482267 / 28482356

Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Hospital for Women & Children

Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Hospital for Women & Children is a special hospital for women and children at large. It comes with facilities such as 24 Hour Casualty services, Mortuary Van facilities, Blood Bank facility, Ambulance facilities plus Cobalt Therapy and Chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients

Address: Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Hospital for Women & Children, Pantheon Road, Chennai – 600 008,

Ph: 28251982 Board: 28251483 / 28252685 / 28258686 / 28251987

Arignar Anna Government Hospital for Indian Medicine

Arignar Anna Government Hospital for Indian Medicine is famous and most sought after hospital in southern  India for Indian medicine with a lot of perfection.  It comes with modern medical facilities and medical professionals.

Address:  Arignar Anna Government Hospital for Indian Medicine,  Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600 040 Phone: 621 4844

Dental Hospital

A dental hospital is located in Park town just near the Eastern end of the General government hospital in Chennai.  It is a popular hospital for dental treatment.

Address:  Dental Hospital, Park Town, Chennai – 600 003

Phone: 534 0441

Institute of Child Health

Institute of Child Health is a prestigious government medical center for child health with a lot of perfection.  It is located in the heart of the city in Egmore. Also you can check out the list of best child Specialists in Chennai, who will guide you with best treatment possible.

Address:  Institute of Child Health, Egmore, Chennai – 600 008

Phone: 825 1135

Institute of Mental Health

Institute of Mental Health is one of the kinds of the hospital for treatment of medical health.  It is well employed with a good number of medical professional and latest medical facilities related to mental health.

Address:  Institute of Mental Health, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010

Phone: 642 1085 / 642 1089

Kasturba Gandhi Hospital For Women & Children (Gosha Hospital)

Kasturba Gandhi Hospital for Women & Children is formerly and locally known as Gosha Hospital.  In this city, it is popular and most sought after hospital for special treatment for diseases related to women and children’s at large. It comes with latest and modern medical facilities for its poor and needy in a successful manner.

Address:  Kasturba Gandhi Hospital For Women & Children (Gosha Hospital)
Triplicane, Chennai – 600 005

Phone: 854 5001


There are many Government hospitals in Chennai that provide good treatment facilities. These hospitals are well equipped with latest technology and have some of the best doctors of Chennai. So if you are looking at treatment in Chennai, These top Government hospitals might be good option, especially in case you are on budget. This list of Best government hospitals in Chennai along with their contact information, will surely help you to find one that’s best suited to your needs.

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