Top 10 Best Dietitians in Bhopal

The reason nutritionists are needed so much is the major problem of obesity which is at an all time high all around the world. This obesity is being caused due to the intake of high-calorie fast food that is getting its clutches all around the world. Due to the fast growing lifestyle among people, the people tend to eat food that takes less of their time. But the major problem is that since it is made on a faster way, most of it is not well cooked or contains materials toxic to our body. There are trans fat which is highly responsible for high cholesterol level in our blood and that it is the major cause for heart blockage. The intake of these food thus can claim life and hence proper diet chart should be maintained as given by the nutritionists to curb down this issue. Given below are the best dietitians in Bhopal who can be consulted as and when required.

Top 10 Best Dietitians in Bhopal

Ms. Swarna Vyas

Ms. Vyas is one of the most common names in this field and has an M.Sc. Degree with a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition. She has an experience of 18 years and is a member of Nutrition Society of India, Indian Dietetic Association, ISPEN. She has received awards for Excellent work for Nutrition Field 2010, Young Scientist Award 2011, Best Research Paper Award 2010 and is also specialist in diet therapy and weight loss counselling. She currently practices at Nutrinics from Monday to Friday from afternoon till evening. She charges 800 INR per session of consultation.

Address : 158/E-7, Near Welcare Surgical Shop, Bhopal

Phone No : 099770 93958

Ms. Jyoti Sharma

Ms. Sharma is one of the well-known nutritionist in this area with an M.Sc. Degree in this field. She is one of the most famous corporate nutritionists. She offers treatment for obesity, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, coronary heart disease, gout, high blood pressure, faulty liver. She is also a specialist in osteoporosis treatment, cancer treatment, underweight treatment, chronic renal failure. She practices at her clinic and is present there from Monday to Friday during morning to evening and on Saturdays from morning to afternoon. The charges for consultancy varies.

Address : F-44, A.G. Classics, Kolar Road, Bhopal-462042

Phone No: 094259 28952

Dr. Hemendra Ben

Dr. Ben is an Ayurveda specialist with immense experience about nutrition. He has a BAMS degree in this field and is very famous among patients due to his easy care with the help of medicines. He is a specialist in healthy heart diet, diabetic diet counselling, allergy tests, weight loss treatment, ketogenic diet treatment, slimming treatment, weight management treatment. He presently practices at his own clinic all 7 days of the week from morning till evening. He charges 150 INR per consultation.

Address : 134, Aradhna Nagar, Bhopal

Phone No : 080395 91667

Dr. Rani Chauhan

Dr. Chauhan is famous for her charming personality and ease of treatment among the patients. She has an MBBS degree and has immense experience in this field. She assesses the situation of patients and generally appoints a perfect diet which according to patients is very effective. She is mostly a specialist in weight loss treatment. she presently practices at Suditi Hospital, where she is present from Monday to Saturday during evening. The charges of consultancy is variable.

Address: Suditi Hospital, 6-C, Vijay Nagar, Airport Road, Near Railway Crossing, Lalghati, Bhopal-462001.

Phone No: 0755 266 6660

Dr. Preeti Chopra

Dr. Chopra is one of the well known ayurveda specialist and is also well known for the specialisation in Diet control treatment for the condition of obesity and other disorders related to diet. She has a degree in Ayurveda and services she offer include panchakarma, nasvam, which are techniques of better living. She practices at Preeti Health Clinic & Panchakarma Centre and is present there from Monday to Saturday, during afternoon and night. She charges 200 INR per session of consultation.

Address : Preeti Health Clinic & Panchakarma Centre, Kamakshi Complex, Shop No-S1 Secto, A Sector, Indrapuri (Near BHEL) Bhopal.

Phone No: 098262 94610

Dr. Nazia Khan

Dr. Khan is one of the reputed doctors in the ayurvedic field with immense experience as a nutritionist. She has BAMS, DNHE, CAFE, CNCC, FRHC, MRHS degrees to her name. She is famous among her patients due to her ease of diet control. She presently practices at Naaz Advanced Ayurveda Clinic. She practices there from Monday to Saturday during evening and night. The charges for per session of consultancy is variable.

Address : Naaz Advanced Ayurveda Clinic, Shop No 76, 77, B D A Complex, Bhopal-462001 (Near Mata Mandir)

Phone No: 099070 01192

Dr. Anand M Nair

Dr. Nair is famous ayurveda specialist who has BAMS degree and is quite famous among his patients for his easy mode of healing. He has immense experience in this field of nutrition. So he is prescribed by many doctors. He currently practices at Kerala Ayurvedic Centre. There he is present all days of the week. The charges of consultancy and therapy are variable.

Address : Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, 98/Sector-1, Shaktinagar, Habibganj, Bhopal.

Phone No : 0755 408 1030


The causes of so much of obesity is intake of high amount of junk food everyday. The first thing that every dietitian or nutritionist prescribes to follow is that no junk food intake must be done. The junk food is the main reason for the increasing problems of high cholesterol levels in blood too. This is why a total diet chart is always prescribed by dietitians for the ease to follow everyday. The other reason why nutritionists are required is due to the increasing problems of diabetes and high blood pressure which requires a perfect diet schedule. That is why minutely every detail of the diet must be followed and resting time should be conserved for rest only and not for work. The given list above is about the top dietitians of Bhopal, which can be checked during any emergency conditions.

Written By Shubhadeep Bose.