Top 10 Best Dermatologists in Allahabad

The increasing skin problems are just an adverse effect of the pollution around the world. The UV rays that were previously blocked by ozone layer, is now reaching earth’s surface which is one of the major carcinogens and is therefore responsible for causing skin diseases and sometimes even leading to skin cancer. This problem is not going to get curbed down overnight and sometimes fungal infections occur at the base of the epidermis, which takes a lot of time and intense use of medicines to be nullified. Moreover, skin problems are all complex problems that must never be self medicated. The dermatologists, who specialise in this field are needed to be consulted before the problems turn serious. Skin diseases spread very fast and causes various auxiliary problems. That is the main reason why the cure must be done at early stages before it gets the chance to spread. The advice given by doctors about mode of lifestyle must be followed. Given below is a list of dermatologists who can be consulted when needed.

Top 10 Best Dermatologists in Allahabad

Dr. Prashant Sinha

Dr. Sinha is one of the eminent dermatologists in Allahabad with an experience of 7 years in this field. He holds an MD degree in Skin & VD. He is a dermatologist and a venereologist and specialises in skin treatment, psoriasis treatment, hair care, skin rash treatment, allergy, laser therapy, dermatitis treatment, facial revitalization, mesotherapy. He is presently a member of Cosmetology Society of India, ACSI, IADVL. He previously practiced at Bajaj Skin Clinic and M L N Medical College. He presently practices at his own clinic Sai Skin and Cosmetic Clinic, where he is present from Monday to Saturday every week during morning and evening. He charges 300 INR per session of consultancy.

Address : Sai Skin and Cosmetic Clinic, GF-3, Sri Ganpati Square, Allahabad, Landmark : Opposite A.H. Wheeler Book Stall

Dr. Shashank Rastogi

Dr. Rastogi is one of the leading dermatologists and holds an MD degree in dermatology. He has immense experience in this field and specialises in skin enhancement treatments, treatment for acne, skin upliftment, skin lightening, hair growth, allergy treatment, laser hair removal, hair loss treatment and many more. The patients claim to get better results very fast taking doctor’s advice and working accordingly. He presently is a member of ACSI. He presently practices at his Skin Mantra Clinic & Laser Centre. There he is present from Monday to Saturday from morning till evening every week and charges 300 INR per consultation.

Address : Skin Mantra Clinic & Laser Centre, 38/2, Lowther Road, Allahabad City, Allahabad-211003, Landmark : Opposite Bhola Hospital

Phone No : 095544 78567

Dr. S N Yadav

Dr. Yadav is one of the recognisable name in his field. He holds an MD degree in Skin &VD. He is an eminent dermatologist, with specialisations in scar removal, acne treatment, skin allergy treatment, dandruff treatment, hair loss treatment, face upliftment, skin lightening, laser hair treatment, dermatitis treatment. He has worked at various places as consultant dermatologist and currently practices at his clinic, where he is present from Monday to Saturday. Charges are not listed and are expected to vary.

Address : 16/99, New Sohbatia Bagh, Allahabad-211001

Dr. Shakti Basu

Dr. Basu is also an eminent dermatologist of this place and has an MD degree in dermatology. He is a practitioner and specialises in dandruff treatment, wrinkles treatment and skin upliftment, hair growth, scar removal, skin allergy treatment, laser hair removal treatment, acne treatment. He currently practices at his own clinic and is present at his clinic from Monday to Saturday. The charge for consultation is variable.

Address : 7g/2a/1, Lohia Marg, Colvin Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad-211001

Phone No : 094152 89322

Dr. R Kumar

Dr. Kumar is one of the most experienced dermatologists of this place. He is a trichologist, dermatologist, cosmetologist with specialisation in acne treatment, hair growth treatment. He has lakhs of patients who were cured at a swift way. He holds an MD and two PGD degrees. He is presently a member of MIMA, MHRS, CDSI. He currently practices at three branches of his clinic, of which one is near Allahabad. There he practices Saturday and Sunday from day to evening. The charges for consultancy varies.

Address : 127/559 B, W1, Saket Nagar, Kanpur, Landmark : Near Brij Kishori Dubey School.

Phone No : 098393 29989

Dr. Siddharth Kumar

Dr. Kumar is one of the new doctors of this generation. He holds grounds with his MBBS degree and two PGD degrees in this field. He is a specialist in hair growth therapy, treating all kinds of skin related abnormalities like acne, wrinkles, cut marks and also leucoderma. He currently practices at Dr. Kumar Skin Hair and Cosmetic Clinic. He stays at the clinic only on Thursday from afternoon till night. The charges for consultancy is variable.

Address : Shiv Mahima Complex, 11C/1C Adarsh Colony, Ponghat Pul, Bamrauli, Allahabad.

Phone No : 094150 44276, 099356 36487, 083039 33933

Dr. Rajul Kushwaha

Dr. Kushwaha is one of the dermatologists practicing ayurvedic treatments. He has a BAMS degree and has an experience of 3 years in this field. He is a specialist in hair loss treatment, allergy treatment, skin treatment. He also practices as a general physician. He is currently a member of NIMA and Voice of Ayurveda. He practices at Shri Padmaraj Ayurveda Clinic (two branches). He is present at his clinics from Monday to Saturday, morning at one clinic and night time at the other clinic. He charges 50 -100 INR per consultation.

Address : Shri Padmaraj Ayurveda Clinic, Night Clinic : 279 B/119, Kachchi Sadak, Phulwariya Road, Daragunj, Allahabad, Landmark : Near Sony Computers and Radha Nagar Colony.


The rapid increase in skin diseases have taken a toll among the human population. People are surely very concerned about their skin problems now as an outgrowth can be due to skin cancer which are even detected in players who spend a lot of time on field. Pollution is the reason of this growing problem. But this problem can not be solved overnight as pollution control takes time. So precautionary measures need to be taken to curb down these problems. The doctors above have the experience to give best advice in their field of expertise and that is why every skin problem must be taken to the doctor at earlier stages before it spreads and must be treated as prescribed by the doctor. That is the reason the list of dermatologists is given above so that people can consult as and when they need to or during emergency conditions.

Written By Shubhadeep Bose.