Top 10 Best Dietitians in Allahabad

The most important reason for the high problems of diets is due to the fact that people are having high intake of junk food which have adverse effects on the body. These junk food can cause an increase in cholesterol level causing heart blockage and may prove fatal and there unbalanced diet results into various diseases including diabetes and high blood pressure. The high blood pressure is found to prove very fatal to the brain in some cases and the high percentage of diabetic person in the world is known to everyone. So a proper diet should be maintained which is prescribed by the doctors and nutritionists who are well known in this field and that diet chart must be followed minutely. That is the reason the list is given below so that a proper care can be taken of the diet by consulting with the doctors or dietitians as and when required.

Top 10 Dietitians in Allahabad

Dr. Chaya P Mishra

Dr. Mishra according to her patients is one of the most calm and best doctor in the world. She is an MD in this field and has immense experience as a nutritionist. She is a specialist in excessive weight gain and weight loss treatment, obesity, poor eating habits, vitamin deficiency and many more. She currently practices at her own clinic and is present there from Monday top Saturday during afternoon and night. The charge for consultancy is variable.

Address : 30, Lowther Road, Georgetown, Allahabad-211002, (Near Balson Crossing)

Phone No : 0532 246 2070

Dr. Rahul

Dr. Rahul is one of the eminent names in this field with an immense experience. He is a specialist in food allergy, excessive weight gain, poor eating habits, vitamin deficiency. He currently practices at Vandana Womens Superspeciality Hospital, where he is present from Monday to Sunday, all days of the week from day to night. The charge for a session of consultancy is variable.

Address : Vandana Womens Superspeciality Hospital, 50/26C, Strachey Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad-211001

Phone No : 0532 226 0544

Ms. Chitra Singh

Ms. Singh is an M.Sc. In the field of nutrition with ample experience in this field. She according to her patients is really good at her job. She is a specialist in food allergy, weight gain, weight loss, obesity and many more. She is currently practicing at her own clinic where she is present all days of the week from morning till night. She charges 200 INR per session of consultation.

Address : Tagore town, Allahabad

Dr. Santhoshini M S

Dr. Santhoshini is one of the famous names in ayurveda who gives treatment of proper nutrition. She has a BAMS degree and along with that 8 years of experience. That is the major reason that people rely on her. She currently practices at Purnayu Clinic where she is present all days of the week from morning till night. She charges 500 INR per consultation.

Address : Purnayu Clinic, 305, Jalwa, Deoghat, Allahabad

Dr. Jagriti Sharma

Dr. Sharma is one of the well known names in this field, with immense number of patients and a lot of experience. She manages lifestyle diseases like no other person and that is why she is a specialist in obesity treatment, vitamin deficiency, food allergy treatment, excessive weight gain treatment and many more. The charges for consultation is variable.

Address : A/26, Dhoomanganj, Transport Nagar, Allahabad-211011.

Phone No : 098073 91742

Ms. Vandana Malaviya

Ms. Malaviya is famous for her feats in ayurveda world for the medicinal treatments with no side effects apparently. This is the reason she is a common name in mane categories of doctors. She is a specialist mainly in obesity control, vitamin deficiency treatment and many more. At present she practices at Modern Ayurveda Clinic. She is a specialist in diet planning and has 4 years of experience. She is present at the clinic from Monday to Saturday, during afternoon and evening. The charges for each session is variable.

Address : 17-A, Lowther Road, Allahabad.

Dr. S K Mishra

Dr. Mishra is a famous doctor of ayurvedic medicine and is also a nutrition expert. He is a veteran in this field with 18 years of experience. He is a specialist in diet planning and obesity treatment. He is a specialist in other fields as well. Due to no side effects of his medicines and natural ways of cure, patients prefer him more. He is presently practicing at Anant Clinic from Monday to Saturday during afternoon and evening. He charges 100 INR per session of consultancy.

Address :  Anant Clinic, Bihari Bhavan, 1st Floor, Shop No 10-3, S.P. Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad.

Phone No : 094503 09111


The cause of so much of obesity is intake of high amount of junk food everyday. The first thing that every dietitian or nutritionist prescribes to follow is that no junk food intake must be done. The junk food is the main reason for the increasing problems of high cholesterol levels in blood too. This is why a total diet chart is always prescribed by dietitians for the ease to follow everyday. The other reason why nutritionists are required is due to the increasing problems of diabetes and high blood pressure which requires a perfect diet schedule. That is why minutely every detail of the diet must be followed and resting time should be conserved for rest only and not for work. The given list above is about the top dietitians of Allahabad, which can be checked during any emergency conditions.

Written By Shubhadeep Bose.