Top 5 Best Dietitians in Dehradun

In this fast-paced, high-stress life style results into different health problems like obesity. Only a Dietitian is the person who helps you attain optimal health by personalized diet plans and motivating diet counseling sessions. Looking after your health today gives you a better health for tomorrow! Are you looking for weight loss diet or a weight loss Dietitian in Dehradun? Then you may contact the below listed best dieticians for weight loss diets, healthy weight gain diets and other diets. A good dietitian should help you with overall nutritional correction with comprehensive individual assessment, with long term results and benefits. Here are the Best Dietitians in Dehradun that you might consider.

Top 5 Best Dietitians in Dehradun

Dr. Pummy Virmani

Dr. Pummy Virmani is one of the top Dietitian/ Nutritionists in Dehradun with an experience of 6 years as a Dietitian/ Nutritionist. Dr. Pummy Virmani got her Certificate in Food / Nutrition from IGNOU in 2011. She is available for her patients from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM. The
Consultation Fee of Dr. Pummy Virmani is INR 300. She provides services like Therapeutic Diets Treatment, Bulimia Treatment and Management, Food plan Preparation, Weight Management
Treatment, Management of Weight Loss, Prevention of Blockage, Atherosclerosis & Heart At, Asthma Treatment and Management, Treatment of Chronic Fatigue, Weight Loss Treatment, Treatment of Malnutrition.

Address- The Slim Habit, 5, Laxmi Road Dalanwala, Dehradun

Phone no– 9336497884

Dr. Ayush Uniyal

Dr. Ayush Uniyal is one of the best Dietitian / Nutritionists in Dehradun. He is available for her patients from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 AM – 6:30 PM. The Consultation Fee of Dr. Ayush Uniyal is INR 1000. He provides services like Aromatherapy Treatment, Preventing Post Bypass Surgery Blockages, Child Nutrition Management, Treatment Of Blockage, Atherosclerosis , Treatment of Food Infection, Treatment of Restenosis, Asthma Treatment and Management, Treatment of Overeating Disorders, Management of Obesity and related Disorders, Prevention of Blockage, Atherosclerosis and Heart Attack.

Address- Raipur, Dehradun, Uttrakhand – 248001

Phone no- 9897404822

Dt. Nidhi Kaushik

Dietitian Nidhi Kaushik is one of the Best Dietitian in Dehradun. She has 5 years of experience in the field of diet, nutrition. She is the one who can guide you on how to lose weight, how
to increase weight and how to manage weight through diet charts. You can view the testimonials of
clients who have had excellent weight loss diet experience. The diets she gives aim at overall nutritional
correction with comprehensive individual assessment, with long term results and benefits. She is running her own diet clinic in Dehradun by the name of “Aadya Health and Fitness Clinic by Dietitian Nidhi Kaushik”

Address- Aadya Health and Fitness Clinic by Dietitian Nidhi Kaushik near Kali Mandir, Thakurpur, p.o
Umedpur, Premnagar, Dehrdaun, Uttrakhand 248007

Phone no- 097608 18816

Dt. Sheela Seherawat

Sheela Seherawat is one of the Best Dietitians in Dehradun and has over 13 years of experience as a Dietitian/Nutritionist. She has done B.Sc. (Hons) and P.G. in Dietetics. Dietician Sheela Seherawat is one of the mentor and founder dietician of Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Dt. Sheela Seherawat has won several number of awards in the field of dietetic; nutrition. According to her you can achieve good health with the expert advice from dietician. The diet programs she designs are in a scientific manner with a practical approach to suit everyone. A lot of research and experience has made Dietician Sheela Seherawat a name to trust.

Address- Diet Clinic, Dehradun City, Dehradun, Mohit Nagar, GMS Road, Landmark: Opposite Wadia
Institute, Dehradun

Phone no- 07060500447

Dt. Prerna Pal

Dt. Prerna Pal is one o f the best dieticians in the beautiful city of Dehradun. She is a life time member of
Indian Dietetics Association (IDA). She has specialized in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Institute of
hotel management, PUSA, New Delhi. She has an experience over 10 years in the field of food and
Nutrition. She has worked for hospitals like St. Stephens Tis Hazari, Delhi, and Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
etc. She has been doing active clinical practice since 2008.

Address- Dietician Prerna Clinic, Dehradun

Phone no- 09891245117


For a healthy and a better body we all need to pay attention to our daily diet but if due to some reason we are not able to maintain that then we should not get depressed we have dietitians to whom we can consult, the dietitians are like our friends who are always there when we need a severe discussion over our diet, they are the one who will help us to get to the target of our impressive and healthy body. Encourage all your loved ones to visit a dietitian if they require they should not hesitate.


Written by- Kunal Taneja