Top 10 Best Gastroenterologist in Coimbatore

Human development can be defined as changes in the interactions between an individual and their environment across the lifespan. There are many factors that can affect healthy development, but perhaps none is so vital than gastroenterology disease. When we are looking for best gastroenterologist for treatment, the renown of them has an important factor for the ministration of our loved ones along with their knowledge, education or qualification. The important factors that have to be considered are the number of successful cases he has handled and about his experience in the medical field. There are some of the best gastroenterolgists in India, with some of the credible ones in Coimbatore. Here is a list of best gastroenterologists in Coimbatore who have a good excellence in the field of gastroenterology.

Top 10 Best Gastroenterologists in Coimbatore

If you have any issues in digestive system disorders including the stomach, intestines, gallbladder, liver and pancreas, you should visit one of the best gastroenterologists in Coimbatore.

Dr. Satheesh

Dr. Satheesh is one of the top gastroenterologists in Coimbatore. He is Laparoscopic Surgeon and Gastro Intestinal Surgeon and has an experience of 21 years in these fields. He is a member of American College of Surgeons (ACS), The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSED), Colorectal Surgeons of India and National Academy of Medical Sciences. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Vomit blood, Laparoscopic Surgery, Gastritis Treatment, Appendix and Anal Fissure Surgery etc. His consultation fees may vary but he charges around INR 250 per consultation.

Address: Saibaba Colony, #30, Alagesan Road, Coimbatore

Phone044 3301 1396 (Dial Extension: 620)

Dr. Anand Vijai. N

Dr. Anand Vijai. N is a prominent name in gastroenterology with 19 years of experience. He is a General Physician, Chronic liver specialist and Gastroenterologist in GEM hospital. He has gained experience in Intensive Medical Care and Poison Care Units.  He consults at GEM  Hospital Ramanathapuram, Mon – Sat, 11 am-1 pm. He has consultancy fees of INR 300 though the actual amount might vary.

Address: GEM Hospital &Research Centre #45, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore

Phone: 044 3301 1385 (Dial Extension: 273)

Dr. T Ravishankar

Dr. T Ravishankar has 18 year of practice and expertise in gastroenterology. He is a renowned interventional gastroenterologist who specializes in clinical gastroenterology, which is the art of arriving at a diagnosis based on clinical signs and symptoms without resorting to unnecessary invasive procedures such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy. He is presently professor and head of the department of medical gastroenterology at Coimbatore medical college.

Address: 122 Ramachandra Road, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore

Phone: 098422 43830

Dr. V G Mohan Prasad

Dr. V G Mohan Prasad is one of the best gastroenterologists in Coimbatore with over 25 years of experience. He works as senior consultant of interventional gastroenterology in VGM hospital, Coimbatore. He gives his patients the best consultancy in his field Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Gastritis treatment and endoscopy etc. for a fee of around INR 200 though the actual amount may vary.

Address: VGM Hospital 2100, Trichy Road, Rajalakshmi Mills Stop, Coimbatore

Phone: 044 6620 5702 (Dial Extension 858)

Dr. P S Rajan

Dr. P S Rajan is an interventional gastroenterologist and has 23 years of experience. He is the chairman of ELCE clinics, R S Puram Coimbatore. He was awarded the prestigious American Fellowships Facs and Fics and has undergone three years of super speciality course in surgical gastroenterology. He has treated several patients suffering from gastro disorders in India gives every patient the best of medical care and attention required.

Address: ELCE clinics, Sukrawar Pettai, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore

Phone: (+91) 8098866058 

Dr. Naveen Mohandas

Dr. Naveen Mohandas is a senior consultant Gastroenterologist in PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore. With 15 years of experience, he has earned himself a place in this list of best gastroenterologists in Coimbatore. Before his present appointment, he was the assistant professor of medicine in Sri Ramachandra University and assistant professor of medicine in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

Address: PSG Hospitals, Avinashi Road, Kalluri Nagar, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Phone: (+91) 9445350780

Dr. L Venkatakrishnan

Dr. L Venkatakrishnan is a well known gastroenterologist associated with PSG Hospitals and Coimbatore Kidney Centre. He is currently working as Professor of Department of Gastroenterology & Liver Unit of PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research. He has 25 years of rich experience in teaching the undergraduates, internal medicine post graduates and DM post graduates during training in Gastroenterology. He has consultancy fees of INR 400 though the actual amount might vary

Address: PSG Hospitals, Avinashi Road, Kalluri Nagar, Peelamedu, Coimbatore 

Phone: (+91) 9842245882, (0422) 2570170

Dr. Jahangeer M A

Dr. Jahangeer was Specialized in Interventional Upper GI Endoscopy, Colonoscopy & ERCP. He had done 12,000 therapeutic upper GI endoscopies & 6,000 colonoscopies. He is well experienced in treating all forms of liver disorders, IBO, acute & chronic pancreatitis & all other forms of chronic gastro intestinal disorders

Address: K G Hospital, Govt. arts college road, Coimbatore

Phone: 9952270817

Dr. J Krishnaveni

Dr J Krishnaveni is a consultant in gastroenterology in PSG hospital Coimbatore. She takes care of inpatients, outpatients and handles diagnostic and interventional procedures. She is also involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. Dr. Krishnaveni’s special intrests are interventional gastroenterology and paediatric gastroenterology. 

Address: PSG hospitals, Avinashi Road, Kalluri Nagar, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Phone: (0422) 2570170

Dr. P Sundararaj

Dr. P Sundararaj has 23 years of practice and expertise in gastroenterology. He provides consultancy in Lalitha hospital, Gandhipuram. With a fee of around 400 INR he tries to serve his patients with the best advices in his field. His long career in his field gives him an edge over other doctors in successfully handling cases that are different and tricky.

Address: Lalitha hospital, 828A cross cut road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

Phone: (0422) 2499533

A proper functioning of the body is a prerequisite to good health. Due to the recent acquisition of affluence and a rapid change in lifestyles, particularly in young executives, technocrats and professionals, have brought into India a new set of gastroenterology diseases. But, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, recognizing the early symptoms and immediate medical attention can save our loved ones. So this list of the best gastroenterologists in Coimbatore along with their contact details, will make it convenient for an individual to make a prompt decision.


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