Top 10 Best Physiotherapists in Chandigarh

Exercises are the most important way to keep us fit and fine. Just like your electrical appliances, our bodies also need some kind of regular maintenance to perform well. Physical Therapy/ Physiotherapy enhances our strength, maintain balance, increases mobility, and overall fitness.It also helps in injury prevention, healing and its treatment. Physical therapists help you restore stamina and improve motion to achieve long-term durability of life.

Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy is a profession in health care that aims for development, maintenance and helps in restoring maximum functional ability throughout our life. It helps in normal body functioning and prevents disability arising from various kind of diseases, traumas or injuries. Physical Therapist utilises an individual’s history and physically examine to arrive at a diagnosis report and thus, establishes a management plan, and when required, incorporate the results of laboratory reports and imaging studies. Here is a list of top ten physiotherapists in Chandigarh who have a good reputation and excellence in the field of physiotherapy.

Top 10 Best Physiotherapists in Chandigarh

Dr Kavita Kaushik

Dr Kavita Kaushik is one of the best Physiotherapists in Chandigarh and have experience of more than 8 years.She has treated hundreds of people and has many success stories. She is known for treating the critical and most challenging cases and has achieved a success ratio of nearly 99..9%.She practices in Manimajra, you can call and book an appointment. She consults at Dr Kavita’s Physiotherapy Clinic. Consultation Fee for this doctor is 250 INR.

Address: Kavita Physiotherapy Clinic,5941, Modern Housing Complex, Chandigarh

Phone : +91 92162 83330

Dr. Era

She has a very keen interest in designing different exercise programs for the patients in postnatal and antenatal phase from last 8 years. Besides the conventional use of physiotherapy, she uses advanced and modern physical therapy techniques which improve body contouring. She also conducts individual classes for fitness and provides different relaxation techniques for good health of the patient.She has a vast experience in treating women-related health issues. Consultation Fee for this doctor is 300 INR.

Address: 1&2, Sector-33-C, Near Terrace Garden, Chandigarh

Phone: +91- 080548 64704

Dr Rakesh Kumar

Dr Rakesh Kumar is one of the top Physiotherapists in Chandigarh and have experience of more than 8 in orthopaedics and private practice physiotherapy. He helps in injury management and its prevention. He has extensive training for offering highly skilled treatments using more advanced methods. He handles workshops in promoting fitness for school children and corporate. Consultation Fee for this doctor is 300 INR.

Address: 1&2,Sector-33-C,Near Terrace Garden, Chandigarh

Phone: +91- 080548 64704

Dr Priyanka Arora

Dr Priyanka Arora has 8 years of experience in Mulligan Manual Therapy.She gives expertized opinions and has a very high success percentage.She practices in Sector 9 and can one can easily bok an appointment. Consultation Fee for this doctor is 400 INR.

Address: #170-171 , Madhya Marg ,Sector- 9 C,Chandigarh

Phone: +(91)-9779000730

Dr Guranchal Verma

At Life Physiotherapy Dr Guranchal Verma provides a thorough assessment of patient’s condition and uses a range of advanced techniques to help them recover.She has an experience of 8 years in this field. She organises free camps in The nearby Rural Areas. She helps you in overcoming your injuries or discomfort and will treat you with her expert opinions and assure to ensure a speedy recovery. An appointment is necessary to meet her. Consultation Fee for this doctor is 400 INR. 

Address: # 3, Sector 19A,Chandigarh

Phone: +(91)-9815111552

Dr Nidhi Kaur

Dr Nidhi Kaur is one of the best Physiotherapist in Chandigarh and also is Orthopedic Physiotherapist. She has a vast experience of 7 years in this fields. Dr Nidhi Kaur practices at Akaal Physiotherapy Centre in Sector 46 and Dr Nidhi Kaur in Sector 20, Chandigarh.You can easily book an appointment with her.There is no consultation fee. Consultation is Free for this doctor.

Address: Akal Physiotherapy Centre, Gurudwara Sahib, Sector-46, Chandigarh, Chandigarh

Phone: +(91)-7837254070, 8427555130

Dr Mohit S. Rana

Dr Mohit S. Rana is a popular Physiotherapist in Chandigarh.  He is working from 9 years in this field. The doctor is an active member of Indian Associations of Physiotherapists. Dr Mohit S. Rana practices at Physiofit Clinic in Zirakpur. Consultation Fee for this doctor is 200 INR.

Address: Physiofit Clinic,# 12, Royal Palm, Block B, VIP Road, Chandigarh

Phone: +(91)-9478677779

Dr. Anu

Dr Anu is a Neuro Physiotherapist in Sector 36 and has achieved an excellent experience of 11 years in these fields. Some of the services are Consultant Physiotherapy, ACL Reconstruction, Spine Injury, Pregnancy Exercise etc. Dr Anu practices at Detox Physiotherapy Clinic in Sector 36. Consultation Fee for this doctor is 400 INR.

Address: Detox Physiotherapy Clinic,# 211, Sector 36 D, Chandigarh

Phone: +(91)-8146758243

Dr Karan Kapur

Dr Karan Kapur is a Physiotherapist in Sector-19. He has an experience of 9 years and is successful in this field. He has a very high success percentage in this field. He practices at Physiotherapy Matters in Sector-19 and one can easily book an appointment. Consultation Fee for this doctor is 200 INR.

Address: Physiotherapy Matters, House no.3002, sector 19/D, Chandigarh

Phone: +(91)-9915198725

Dr Meenakshi Aggarwal

Dr Meenakshi Aggarwal is a Cardiovascular And Pulmonary, Geriatric Physiotherapist and Orthopedic Physiotherapist in Sector 21. She has an experience of total 8 years in all these fields. She practices at Ortho Golden Physio Clinic situated in Sector 21 and Golden Hospital Zirakpur in Panchkula. Consultation Fee for this doctor is 300 INR.

Address: Ortho Golden Physio Clinic,#2164, Sector 21C, Chandigarh

Phone: 017 2334 9400


Physical therapy exercises improve the ability of our body parts that have been affected by diseases or injury. For example, arthritis is a very long-term condition that causes stiff and painful joints. Physical therapy can help to keep the affected joints mobile and will strengthen different surrounding muscles. Various Physiotherapists may work in hospitals or private practices or for social services. This list of the best Physiotherapists in Chandigarh , along with their contacts, will certainly help you to find Physical therapist for your problem.

                                   -This article is written by Shokhi Shreya