Top 10 Best Heart Surgery Hospitals in Dubai

Heart disease is any situation that affects the ability of your heart to do its job, which is to pump blood throughout your body, feeding oxygen to all your organs and tissues. Sometimes, people are born with heart ailments, which are known as congenital heart condition. Generally, heart disease develops as we get older, generally showing up for the first time in middle age or later. Heart disease is now the main killer in USA. This is the main reason you should check out the best heart surgery hospitals in Dubai. So, we have given below a list of the best heart surgery hospitals in Dubai.

Top 10 Best Heart Surgery Hospitals in Dubai

There are some of the best heart surgery hospitals in Dubai that are not just well equipped technologically but also have a brilliant set of doctors.

Adam & Eve Medical Centre

Adam & Eve Medical Centre is a specialized medical center offering detailed cutting-edge solutions in healthcare at a reasonable cost. Being concerned about the well-being of your heart, Adam & Eve are ready to go the extra mile to make sure that you get the best in healthcare. Adam & Eve are committed to achieving an excellence in heart care, at a reasonable cost. Their philosophy is to be patient-friendly. Their goal is to harmonize therapeutic proficiency with technological developments and professional care along with personal attention to offer the patients true reassurance and value. Make an appointment with them online.

Address: Near Royal Rose Hotel, Pink Building (501) Floor 01

Phone: +97126767366

Zia Medical Centre

Zia Medical Centre is a state-of-the-art medical amenity, and an institute of excellence offering unique patient oriented solution for all outpatient medical care. It is a premium healthcare center in Dubai, offering quality healthcare with a team of highly qualified doctors, and multidisciplinary consultants in almost 15 different specialties including dentistry, heart surgery, pediatrics, medicine and gynecology. You can make an appointment with some of the best doctors in Dubai. Other than that, they have some really good packages that one should consider.

Address: Jumierah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai

Phone: +971 433 87878

HealWell Medical Centre

HealWell offers medical care with departments of gynecology, internal medicine, dental care, heart care, pediatric care, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and general practice. Being situated minutes away from Al Karama, the HealWell Medical Centre is one of the biggest Medical clinics in Dubai, UAE and is an immense diagnostic and outpatient amenity. The clinic has outstanding ultra-modern diagnostic and imaging technology and unites all services under one roof.

Address: S5, PG 54, Building No: R364, WASL Building

Phone: 056-4340905 / +971 43312312

Lifeline Hospital

Lifeline Hospital is the very first luxury hospital in Dubai and the very first full-fledged hospital in New Dubai.  Lifeline hospital is a 50 bedded hospital in Dubai, which is technologically advanced and offers a wide range of tertiary and secondary medical services. It is staffed by highly trained and qualified healthcare hospitals that are passionate and committed about offering care that cures. The hospital has gained a reputation in the community for delivering top-quality clinical care in a warm and caring ambiance.

Address: 6th Interchange (Exit 25)

Phone: 04 884 5666

Dubai Hospital

The Dubai Hospital, founded in 1983, is a 630 bedded hospital in a 14-storey building that is above a two-story base. The main building offers 10 floors of wards, rises above a two-story podium having the emergency and accident units, treatment departments, outpatient services, and ancillary accommodation. This is one of the best heart surgery hospitals in Dubai and also specializes in the fields of ENT, Rheumatology, Radiology and Urology.

Address: Al Khaleeja Street, Al Baraha, Dubai

Phone: +00971 4 2195000

Oriana hospital

Oriana hospital in Al Taawun, Sharjah is a top-quality medical center offering different kinds of surgeries, including spine surgery, cosmetics, pediatric laparoscopy and heart surgery. Covering an area of 16,000 square feet of the entire mezzanine floor, the Oriana hospital in Sharjah is a dedicated surgical medical center with all the required amenities including an ample parking, dedicated bed-size fit, state of the art operation theaters, all set to welcome patients to a better experience of healthcare.

Address:  Al Khaleeja Street, Al Baraha, Dubai

Phone: +97165251000

Corniche Hospital

Being established in 1978, the Corniche hospital is a multi-specialty hospital with 14 birthing rooms, 235 beds, and neonatal intensive care amenities. It is government-owned and managed by United Medical. The hospital was designed to serve patients suffering from different kinds of diseases. The hospital has a full-fledged X-ray department, laboratory, Doppler Ultrasound Machine to serve patients in the best way possible.

Address:  Abu Dhabi Corniche Road

Phone: +971 2 6724900

NMC Speciality Hospital

NMC Speciality Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital offering state-of-the-art treatment utilizing latest technological developments in the field of heart care. The special medical services that the hospital offers include 24 hour ambulance fleet, offshore medicine, helicopter ambulances and Labor Medical services. The hospital offers effective high standard medical care and is one of the best heart surgery hospitals in Dubai.

Address:   P.O. Box: 7832, Opp. to Abuhail Center, Dubai

Phone: +971 4 2689800 / +971 4 2683131

Gulf Medical Centre

The Gulf Medical Centre has its own Radiology department and a full-fledged clinical laboratory. Reputable specialists and different disciplines of surgeons and medicine are available for consultation. They are supported by a team of highly qualified technical staff and state-of-the-art equipment to make sure you get the best treatment at reasonable prices. The hospital aims to offer complete value for money and ensure the complete satisfaction of the patients.

Address:  P.O.Box: 3917, Thumbay Hospital, 13th Street

Phone: +971 4 2626000

Al Noor Hospital and Medical Centre

Being incepted in 1985, the establishment has evolved from a polyclinic into a full-fledged hospital equipped with cutting-edge sophisticated equipment and amenities, managed by highly experienced healthcare providers and has accomplished incredible progress on the healthcare industry. The hospital has achieved outstanding success in path-breaking procedures and life-saving operations, like open-heart surgeries.

Address:  P.O.Box: 46713, Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Dubai

Phone: +971 2 6265 265


The number of hospitals in Dubai has risen substantially in the past few decades. The country offers the very best healthcare services available. The name of these hospitals mentioned here are the very best heart surgery hospitals in Dubai.