Ayurvedic Treatment of Anxiety

Many philosophers have tried to explain anxiety. It’s a vector created by confusion in between the forces of mind, intellect and situation at hand. Some people are more susceptible to anxiety and some are not. It is the absence of their ability to detach themselves from everything and watch silently without any reaction. Anxiety is the first impulse which happens before the start of a cascade of reactions which throw the body and mind into a state of discomfort. Depending upon the nature of the person, he or she may bear it inside (creating a silent volcano) or increase the momentum and punishes either the self or someone nearby (active volcano). Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety curbs these two types of volcanoes and anxiety in itself.

What Ayurveda has to say?

In ayurveda it can be correlated to the pre-stages of Unmada (insanity). The difference being in anxiety the person is completely aware of the repercussions of his or her reactions. There is a very thin line which differentiates a normal anxiety and an abnormal anxious state. There are a lot of socio economic factors also which lead to the development of an anxious state within human mind, which if avoided lead to insanity.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Anxiety

  1. Hinguvadi Ghrita- hundred grams each of Hingu , Sauvarchala , Shunthi , Maricha , and Pippali are heated in four hundred grams of cow’s ghee and one and half litre of cow’s urine. The final product is an excellent remedy for anxiety.
  2. Mahakalyanaka Ghrita- Here the  milk  of a cow which has given birth for the first time, flowers of jasmine  and twenty-two other herbs are used.
  3. Mahapaisacika Ghrita- It’s a very potent ghee and uses, guduchi, brahmi ,guggul, satapushpa and cardamom.
  4. Lasunadya Ghrita- One hundred cloves of garlic are processed in cow’s milk, dashamoola and honey.

(The ten roots of dashamoola are: patola, agnimanth, shyonaka, bael, gambhari, kantakaari, brihati, shalaparni, prshniparni, and gokharu).

  1. Saraswatarishtha– If you want to send any medicine straight upwards towards your headm use this as a carrier at least three times a day.
  2. Ashwagandha : It has proven anti anxiety actions. Can be taken as raw powders, pills, decoctions or aristas.

Other useful Methods

Take a Bath

A bath relaxes your nerves and mind, releasing tension, and helping to find inner peace. If you like, you can add 2 drops of lemon grass oil and ⅓ cup baking soda to the bathing water for increased relaxation and healing. This combination helps in nourishing the senses, detoxification and is quite soothing.  It is very supportive when anxiety levels are is elevated. The temperature of the water should be adjusted to personal experience. While some people prefer lukewarm water, others use chilled water to get best benefits.

Practice Oil Pulling

It was practiced since ages for a variety of issues, but its out of fashion these days since its time taking and also that its modern counterparts like chemical mouthwashes are easily available everywhere. But the actual process of rotating  warm sesame oil or coconut oil within the oral cavity, basically gives strength to the all the tissues connected to it. There are a host of nerved which are connected to the face and oral cavity, all of which are nourished by this process. Begin your day  by sipping a mouthful of oil to get rid of anxiety.

Do Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Oil Massage)

I can never stop about describing the beneficial effects of abhyanga one of whichis removing anxiety. It controls the overall body Vata Dosha, which is the main factor for this disease.Apart from a spa or ayurvedic centre, abhyanga can be done at home too. In fact, just 30 years ago this was done by Indians every morning, before a shower by massaging about 1cup warm oil on the whole body, especially ears, nose and navel.

Practice Nasya

In general terms Nasya is the practice of putting medicated oil into the nostrils.It not only brings special fragrance within the nostrils throughout the day, but also brings a sense of calmness and ease. It’s done by putting two drops of ghee or medicated oil into each nostril before going to bed at night.

Massage Your Feet Before Bed

This one is my favourite.I have seen its tremendous results to crack complex cases of anxiety. Just apply before going to bed,  some warm jatamansi oil or jasmine oil to your feet. You can also use use plain Sesame Oil, Brahmi Oil. This helps in promoting sound sleep which basically means you are more relaxed when you wake up. Sleep is the body’s most essential tool for rejuvenation. Sponge dry the extra oil from feet.

Sit in Nature

Often, simply exposing our sensory system to the Mother Nature—to its panoramic  sights, natural sounds, exotic smells, beautiful textures, and mystic rhythms—is enough to start the ‘rest and relax’ capacity within the parasympathetic nervous system. Consider a mild walk, sitting by a water stream. I simply surrender my body to some green grass or lawn for a while whenever I have stress. Gazing at the changing clouds or to the glowing night skies and wondering about the omnipotence of the unknown, and humbling ourselves in front of it releases most of our tensions.

Get Balanced and Adequate Rest

Rest both physical and mental are meant by it.This can be achieved post to exercise, or after deep meditation. Because both of them release the extra energies which get accumulated within the various energy meridians of the body. There are two parasympathetic systems working within our body. The one on the right is for aggression, called Pingala nadi(ha) and the other on the left is for Depression, called Ida nadi(tha). The balance between these two is called Yoga(Hatha). One will be surprised to know that this is the actual definition of yoga. Any form of yoga, starting from physical asanas to pranayama, from Bhakti to Karma yoga, all ultimately reach the same goal-balance. When the mind comes to balance this anxiety is thwarted off. After little practice when the mind is settled, it cant be thrown off balance even in stressful situations. In a higher stage, the mind acquires the power to bestow its peaceful state unto others who are seeking