The major issue all around us right now is the problem of obesity that is going on increasing and people are getting prone to diseases due to this problem. There are ample source of nutritious food but due to the fast lifestyle, people tend to have have higher intake of junk food, due to the less time it takes to cook. This results into the unsaturated fat getting inside the blood stream that flows and creates blockages inside the blood vessel. The blood vessels show a constriction in the passage and increases blood pressure. These heart blockages may lead to heart attacks or other fatal effects. There is also a chance of occurrence of diabetes due to obesity. These are all the result of unusual diet problems and can only be curbed by properly following a particular chart of the diet. The people who are best in this field of nutrition must be consulted and all their advice must be followed minutely to stop the problem of obesity. Given below is the list of all those doctors and masters in nutrition studies, who can give the best way of living the perfect life.

Ms. Kanika Bakshi

Ms. Bakshi is one of the eminent nutritionist in Meerut who is a specialist in her field. She has immense experience and is an M.Sc. Degree holder in Diet and Nutrition. She aims at giving the patients ways about leading a healthier lifestyle. She offers treatment of nutrient deficiency, osteoporosis and diabetes through her diet list. she is also an expert in therapeutic diet. She presently practices at a clinic in Anand Hospital. She is present there from Monday to Saturday during afternoon and evening and on Sundays during evening. The charges of consultancy varies according to necessity of diet.

Address: Anand Hospital, A-1, Damodar Colony, Garh Road, Meerut-250002, Landmark: Near Medical College.

Phone No: 094127 93629.

Ms. Palak Mittal

Ms. Mittal is one of the most eminent dietitians in this place with ample knowledge about the subject. She holds an M.Sc. degree in this subject. She aims at overall nutritional collection in the body everyday that keeps the person healthy. She also holds a P.G. Diploma in this field and is trusted by her patients for her ease of treatment. She has 2 years of experience. She presently practices at her clinic where she is present from Monday to Saturday during evening only and on Sundays from morning to evening. The charges of consultancy varies according to necessity of consultancy.

Address: House No. 100, Chippi Tank, Meerut-250001, Landmark: Near Baccha Park

Phone No: 081715 56050

Mrs. Prerna Pal

Mrs. Pal is one of the well known dietitians in Meerut with a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is very famous among her patients and is a lifetime member of the Indian Dietetics Association. She has more than 10 years of experience in this field and previously worked at various hospitals all around. She is specialised in health management, therapeutic diet management, pregnancy and lactation diet management and child health care. She previously received many awards including one from the Air Force Academy, Delhi. She presently practices at her own clinic, Prerna Clinic. She is present there from Monday to Friday during morning, afternoon and evenings. The charges varies according to the need of consultation.

Address: Prerna Clinic, Plot 883, Sector 23A, Meerut.

Phone No: 098912 45117

Mrs. Sheela Seharawat

Mrs. Seharawat is well known for her immense knowledge related to this subject and 14 years of experience. She is very common seen in different talk shows about diet control. She is a member of Indian Dietetics Association. She has a P.G. Diploma degree in this field and is specialised in therapeutic diet, weight loss program and many others. She presently practices at Diet Clinic, Meerut. She is present there from Monday to Sunday during morning to evening. She charges 750 INR per consultation about diet. The charges for other treatments varies.

Address: Diet Clinic, Meerut, B-758, B- Block Sushant Lok I, Meerut.

Phone No: 08010 888 222

Ms. Priyanka Agarwal

Dr. Agarwal is another well known dietitian who has a great experience in this field of 8 years. She has an M.Sc. Degree in Home Science. She is a specialist in diet control and obesity treatment and is a member of Indian Dietetics Association. She presently practices at Nutri Health and also offers online treatment and diet charts. She is present at Nutri Health from Monday to Sunday during morning and evening. She charges 400 INR per session of consultation and the charge for online diet charts is 300 INR.

Address: Nutri Health, 136, Gandhi Marg, Delhi Gate, Meerut.

Phone No: 095995 25187

Dr. Rajesh Tyagi

Dr. Tyagi is one of the well known veteran homeopathic doctors in the place. He is an eminent homeopath with specialisations in weight loss diet counselling. He has practiced in this field for long and is known to treat these problems easily, that is why he is famous among his patients. He presently practices at Sumani Homeo Clinic, where he is present from Monday to Saturday during afternoon, evening and night. He charges 300 INR per session of consultation.

Address: Sumani Homeo Clinic, 14, Jaikashi Complex, Budhana Gate, Meerut, Landmark: Opposite to Police Chowki.

Dr. Alok Sharma

Dr. Sharma is one of the well known Ayurveda Medicine specialist who is a veteran in this field and has an experience of 39 years and an MD degree in Ayurveda. He was the Chief Medical Officer at AYUSH. He is a member of All India Ayurvedic Congress. He is an Ayurvedic Medicine Specialist with specialisations in diet control treatment, obesity treatment and many other herbal treatments. He is known for his easy way of treatment. He presently practices at Meerut Ayurveda Chikitsalaya, where he is present from Monday to Saturday during morning, afternoon and night and also on Sundays during morning and afternoon. He charges 700 INR per session of consultation.

Address: Meerut Ayurveda Chikitsalaya, Duplex 68, Green View 2nd, AtoZ Builders, Meerut, Landmark: Opposite Sardar Patel University

Phone No: 098994 02720



The real reason that the nutritionists/dietitians are needed right now is that they can change the way people lead their life and eating habits. It is very necessary that they strictly follow a special diet that gives them all the nutrients as needed. The main problem in the world right now is obesity which is causing the diseases like diabetes that can later prove to be fatal. The proper diet should be maintained as a precautionary measure of the diseases. The intake of junk food needs to be stopped as they harm the body in the most toxic way. The charts given by nutritionists must be followed minutely and no changes must be made. This is also applicable for the sportsmen and also those who practice exercises at gym. They must abide by a diet to maintain their stature. This is what needs to be brought back to the society, including healthy living and better food lifestyle. All the people must keep in touch with the dietitians for time to time treatment. The list given above is about the dietitians who are best in the field of nutrition and can be consulted as and when required.

Written By Shubhadeep Bose.