There is an increasing risk of skin diseases going on everywhere due to the depletion of ozone and therefore UV rays reaching the earth’s surface. This UV ray is a potent carcinogen which can cause skin cancer. There is also an adverse effect of pollution due to which fungal skin infections are on the rise, like that of the ringworm infection. The problem with these skin infections is that they spread at a very fast rate as they gain nutrition from the body and thus grow in number. So the skin infections must be checked when it is present at an early stage. The skin infections may later cause deadly diseases. Therefore the people who are best in this need to be consulted to get the advice of how to live and treat the infections properly. Given below is a list of dermatologists who are best at their profession. Also ,there are some of the best hair transplant clinics in Amritsar that can help enhance one’s looks all the more.

Dr. Anurag Mahajan

Dr. Mahajan is one of the famous dermatologists with 16 year long experience in this field. He has an MD degree in Dermatology and he is specialised in Laser hair reduction, acne/pimples treatment, narrowband UVB therapy, chemical peels and wrinkles, stretch marks and burn scar treatment. He was the consultant dermatologist at VLCC. He currently practices at The Skin Studio, where he is present from Monday to Wednesday and Friday to Sunday. He is present on the days during day and night at Amritsar branch and during afternoon at Sultanwind Branch. He charges 300INR per session of consultation.

Address : The Skin Studio: 19, Race Course Road, Amritsar(Near Blues Bakers)

Phone No : 081464 49350

Dr. Komal Jerath

Dr. Jerath is one of the best dermatologists with 17 years of experience I this field. She has an MD degree in Dermatology and is a specialist in scar treatment, acne treatment, wrinkle treatment, anti aging treatment. She presently practices at her clinic where she is present from Monday to Friday during morning to evening and only morning and afternoon on Saturdays. She charges 400INR per session of consultancy.

Address : Building No 129, Puda Colony, Amritsar-143001, Near Anand Avenue.

Phone No : 098149 76276

Dr. Poonam Tiwari

Dr. Tiwari is one of the most famous dermatologist in this area and has an immense experience of 7 years in this field. She has an MBBS degree with a Diploma in Trichology. She is a specialist in laser hair removal, acne treatment, pimples treatment, mole removal procedure, skin care treatment, bleaching and skin disease treatment. She is presently a member of AAD, AAAM. She presently practices at Igorgeous where she is present on Saturdays and Sundays from morning till night. She charges 1000 INR for a single consultation.

Address : Race Course Road, White Avenue, Amritsar.

Phone No : 98202 94329

Dr. Jasleen Kaur

Dr. Kaur is a famous dermatologist and has an experience of 15 years. She currently possess MD in Dermatology. She is specialised in laser hair removal, acne treatment, mole removal procedure, hair treatment, bleaching treatment, skin disease treatment and many more. She currently practices at her own clinic, Dr. Jasleen Skin & Laser Clinic from Monday to Saturday during evening and night. She charges 200 INR per session of consultation.

Address : Dr. Jasleen Skin & Laser Clinic, 451-A, Guru Arjun Dev Nagar I/s Jagmohan Hospital, GT Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

Phone No : 098154 06442

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta

Dr. Gupta is also a well known dermatologist with MD degree in this field. He is a veteran in this field with 23 years of experience, which makes him a man of trust among his patients. He is a specialist in dermatology, trichology, hair treatment, skin care treatment, acne removal, bleaching treatment, scar treatment. He presently practices at his own clinic, Gupta Clinic, where he is present from Monday to Saturday during morning, afternoon and night. He charges 400INR per session of consultation.

Address : Gupta Clinic, 300, Near Ajit Hospital, Green Avenue, Amritsar

Phone No : 0183 250 8283

Dr. M L Ghambir

Dr. Ghambir is the most veteran in this field and that is why he is known by everyone. He has an MD degree in dermatology with 42 years of experience. He is specialist in treatment of acne, hair fall treatment, skin whitening and many more. He has experience of working at various hospitals. He currently practices at Fortis Escorts Hospital, where he is present from Monday to Saturday from morning till afternoon. He charges 500 INR per session for consultation.

Address : Fortis Escorts Hospital, Majitha-Verka Bypass Road, Amritsar

Phone No : 0183 301 2222

Dr. Saurabh Sharma

Dr. Sharma is one of the eminent names in this field of dermatology. He has an MD degree and a DNB degree in this field. He is a specialist in cosmetology, aesthetic dermatology, allergy and skin problems. He has an experience of 16 years in this field and patients therefore have blind faith on him. He practices at his own clinic and is present there from Monday to Saturday during afternoon and evening. The charges of consultancy are variable.

Address : 92-93, Ground Floor, Opposite Novelty Sweets, Nehru Shopping Complex, Lawrence Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

Phone No : 097801 92987



The main reason for requirements of dermatologists in daily life is the increasing skin diseases and them spreading at an alarming rate. This high rate of growth must be checked at an early stage. The problem of pollution around us is the main reason for the occurrence of these and pollution cannot be cleared overnight, instead it is growing. So everyone must take precautionary measures to stay away from skin diseases. The doctors who are best in this field, can give the best advice. The proper advice must be followed minutely and if somehow skin problem occurs one must immediately go for a check up as these skin diseases can prove to be fatal at times. The above list is merely to help the people of Amritsar find dermatologists during any emergency situation, so that they can easily consult and take precautions of spreading.

Written By Shubhadeep Bose.