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Top 5 Teachers Day Songs


On Teacher’s Day, do not forget to thank your teachers for their love and dedication. Let your teachers know how much you appreciate the work they do by playing or singing one of these songs, as token of your love.

Song#1: You Have Made A Difference – Thanking the teachers

This a song that is you simply must sing to your teachers on Teachers day. This song is for those who see their students through the tough part in their lives for that we say thank you….

Song#2: IN THIS MOMENT – Tribute for all TEACHERS

In this moment let me say,How I’m grateful Everyday, you are here,To guide my way…….

Song#3: Thank you – Teachers song

Song#4: In Your Hands 

Teacher, I wrote this song for you
To thank you for every smile
I know you had a lot to do
I’m glad that you paused awhile



This is one joyful, chirpy song for younger children to perform.

I want to dedicate this Song to you Because you care for me . Lalalala….

We wish all teachers around the world a happy Teachers’ day!!!

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