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Top 5 Factors for Hair Thinning


Hair thinning is a condition which every woman rooting for long hair has to experience! The poor hair shafts get thinner as they grow in length and so our ponytails start to look limp and there’s a lack of volume, especially at the tips. Hair thinning is usually a natural phenomenon. The tips or ends of the hair are the oldest segments of the hair. They have gone through the most damage and are hence, the thinnest. There is no such remedy for thinness of the tips save regular trimming. However, other than natural thinning, there are a few other reasons for this lack of volume. A crash course on some preventive measures to avoid thinning by external factors can be your ticket to a healthy mane!

Top 5 Factors for Hair Thinning

Factor#1 :Straightened or Chemically Relaxed Hair

Women who have straightened or chemically relaxed hair go through the doom of hair thinning. If your hair is permanently straightened or smoothened, regular hair spas or protein treatments can add some volume and nourishment to the limp hair. If you use chemical relaxers to straighten out your hair regularly, it is advisable to use oil or a moisturizing conditioner before applying the relaxer on the hair to prevent chemical damage. It is very important that you wash off the relaxer completely. The chemical compounds work on the hair shafts long after the relaxer is washed away and so any residue of the relaxer can cause over-processing of the hair. It is the over-processed tresses that become thin and finally damaged.

Factor#2 :Using Straightening Irons or Blow Dryers

Hair thinning also occurs when one uses straightening irons or blow dryers. The heat from these instruments upsets the moisture and protein balance of the hair shafts, making them dry and brittle. This automatically thins the hair shafts. When you blow-dry, the protective layer or the cuticle of the hair shafts break away, exposing the inner strands to heat and making them prone to hair breakage as well. If you are not in a state of great hurry then always try to air dry your hair instead of reaching out for the dryer. Running your fingers softly through wet hair distributes air throughout your hair and helps in speeding the drying process without hair damage.

Factor#3 : Lack of Moisture

Lack of moisture is another reason for thinning. Thin hair is almost always in need of moisture. Deep conditioning of hair is required to ensure that the shafts don’t become brittle. One can also use leave-in conditioners especially near the ends where their thinning is the worst. It is a universally known hair tip that oiling is the best form of conditioning! So, don’t shy away from giving your thinning tresses a nice massage to give them a little pump!

Factor#4 : Your Own Back

A major hair thinning agent is your own back. Yes, I am not joking. If you wear your hair open or low, the constant brushing of the strands against your shirt or dress thins the hair shafts. The rubbing against coarse fibres, especially cotton and wool, that absorb moisture, causes hair thinning and breakage. Then there’s the climatic condition! Wind, sun, dirt take a toll on your hair. In such cases, the preventive measures are in your hands, quite literally. Opting for short haircuts that don’t cause friction with the fabrics you wear is one way. Or you can style your hair in ways that it stays protected from friction and the weather or pollution.

Factor#5 : Improper Ways of Combing

A lot of women do not know this but improper ways of combing cause hair thinning as well. The proper method to combing your hair is by starting to detangle from the ends to the roots. It is always better to brace your hair shafts by clasping them with one hand while you comb with your other hand. This prevents accidental tugging and breakage. Finally, keep your hair even. Uneven ends are the worst victims of hair thinning.

Now that you have some idea about what’s marring your crowning glory, go nurse those tresses back to health!



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