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5 Beauty Benefits of Dark Chocolate


How often do you hear something like ‘ah, polish off those strong cravings for your chocolate for they make you pudgy and unhealthy’? Quite a lot of times, yep don’t you turn thumbs down to that one! Ah, we know that it’s little more than hard to pat those chocolate cravings when ‘losing extra tires on your belly’ is your target for the day. But wait a minute; you don’t really have to hold yourself back if ‘pretty skin’ is all that you long for. Hmm, correction…… Yep, you ‘don’t’ really have to control eating dark chocolate if beautiful skin is what you yearn for!

Well, let us simply run cat out of the bag! Indulging in the sweet treat actually won’t do any harm to your skin but add a few beauty benefits rather. Dark chocolate is good (mind you ladies) and is seriously good for a healthy and glowing skin. While you get excited about this whole new fact, let us give you a detailed picture of why you should add dark chocolate to your life.

Discover Beauty Benefits of Dark Chocolate here…….

1. It helps repair dry skin

Ah, toss around those so not true notions like ‘dark chocolate can taint your skin or can tone down the life of your skin glow’. Not many would be incognizant of but dark chocolate can actually help your skin acquire a health glow and add a lot of healthy moisture to your skin. So yep, swap out those mugs of green tea or coffee (though they’re healthy too) for a cocoa-rich beverage or so. It will not just deeply moisturize your skin, but will also render many nutrients like iron, calcium and essential vitamins for your skin.

2. It helps protect against UV rays

Dark chocolate contains certain significant flavonols that have clinically been revealed to possess the ability to protect skin against those harmful UV rays. Well, indulging in this sweet treat can seriously help you protect your skin from sunburn, redness, itchiness, or other skin problem related to UV damage. You can either chomp down a few fresh pieces of dark chocolate or simply apply it directly to your skin – for the latter would also allow your skin to get renovated and hydrated for better (but don’t you ditch your sunscreen folks).

3. It helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines

There’s a lot more that a dark chocolate dip can do than simply treating your taste buds for a heavy treat. Interestingly, a dark chocolate a day keeps a skin care doctor away. Well as seriously as your life, chocolates help trim down stress hormones in one’s body – as a result of which, less collagen breaks down in your skin and less fine lines pop up. Eat a chocolate and have fewer wrinkles (would you now really need an expertly advice that costs a big ticket? Nah)!

4. It helps hair shine

Yes, it helps hair shine and get a lot of luster. Adding dark chocolate to your life can seriously help add shine and glow to your lackluster hair locks. Besides gulping it down, you may give a try to a nice homemade hair mask made using unsweetened dark chocolate. Ah, it doesn’t come with any added frills honey – all you need is a mixture of honey and yogurt! Just add both these ingredients to the mixture and apply it to your hair. Leave the hair mask on your hair for about an hour or so and then rinse it off with cold water. And poof, your hair gets shine and a healthy bath.

5. It helps hair grow

Do you know dark chocolate contains a whole lot of minerals that help promote cell renewal growth? Well yes, little has this fact been known but dark chocolate seriously embeds minerals such as copper, zinc and iron – that help renew the cell growth process. So, start having chocolate every day and you’ll have healthier and stronger hair. As an added boon, your hair will grow to be lustrous and richer for sure.

Well, that’s about it! Add chocolate to your life and enjoy the amazing benefits that it has to offer you – after all, not all sweet treats treat you that great (wink, wink).

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