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Top 7 Best Ent Specialists in Nagpur


The most important part of our body are the sense organs that are necessary for our day to day living. There are various disorders related to these sense organs and the important nature of this disorder is that it spreads at a very fast rate, than other disorders. Thus it is really necessary to curb down these diseases that show the slightest of the symptoms. It is a necessity, since these sense organs are related to one another, any disease if goes to a higher level creates a problem that can cause the loss of the organ forever, or damages it for life. Thus it is necessary to take precautions and also take advice from doctors regarding the problems as soon as detected. Given below is the list of best ENT specialists in Nagpur who can be consulted as soon as a disorder or symptom of a disorder is detected.

Top 7 Best Ent Specialists in Nagpur

Dr. M N Mahore

Dr. Mahore is one of the best ENT secialists in Nagpur and a veteran doctors with an experience of 49 years. This is the reason he is the most trusted doctor among all others. He has an MS-ENT degree and a DLO degree. He is a specialist of ear pain, nasal endoscopy, sinusitis, ear microsurgery, head and neck tumor, hearing aid fitting. He was awarded the life achievement award by Indian Society of Otology. He currently practices at his own clinic. He is present at his clinic from Monday to Saturday during day and night. He charges 200 INR per session of consultation.

Address : FO 7, Amarjyoti Place, 1st Floor, Wardha Palace, Dhantoli, Nagpur. Landmark : Lokmat Square

Phone No : 094224 43536

Dr. Nandu Pramod Kolwadkar

Dr. Kolwadkar holds an MS-ENT degree and is one of the eminent doctors in this field. He is a specialist in nasal endoscopy, audiometry test, stroboscopy. He has an experience of 18 years and currently he practices at his own ENT clinic. He is present at his clinic Monday to Saturday straight from morning to night each day. He charges 700 INR per consultancy.

Address : Plot Number 15, Kolwadkar Clinic, Wardha Road, Nagpur. Landmark : Besides Lokmat Square.

Phone No : 0712 242 2512

Dr. Darakshan Parveen

Dr. Parveen is a specialist with two DLO and an MBBS degrees. She is a specialist in hearing aid fitting, vertigo, laryngoscopy, ear wax removal, thyroid disorder treatment, rhinoplasty, microsurgery of larynx, eardrum rupture treatment. She is also a pediatric otorhinolaryngologist. He was a consultant at various eminent hospitals. She presently practices at Sunshine Advanced Healthcare Centre from Monday to Saturday from afternoon to evening. She charges 200 INR per session of consultancy.

Address : 2nd Floor, Shri Govindraj Heights, Gitanjali Chowk, Nagpur. Landmark : Opposite Hotel Woodland.

Phone No : 080076 88797

Dr. Abhishek Vaidya

Dr. Vaidya is one of the best ENT specialists in Nagpur and has an experience of 13 years. He has an MS-ENT and a DNB degree. He has won many national awards in this field. He is a specialist in oral cancer. He is a consultant at CIIMS and Wockhardt Hospital. He currently practices at Neeti Clinics and is present there from Monday to Saturday, from morning till night. He charges 400 INR per session of consultancy.

Address : Neeti Gaurav Complex, Central Bazar Road, Lokmat Square, Nagpur.

Phone No : 098224 71363

Dr. Amit Vijay Ghatge

Dr. Ghatge is an eminent otorhinolaryngologist and holds an MS-ENT degree. He has an experience of 12 years. He is a specialist in reconstructive middle ear surgery, ear wax removal, hearing deficiency assessment, Rhinoplasty, Thyroplasty, microsurgery of larynx. He presently practices at ENT One Clinic and Sneha Nursing Home. At his ENT One clinic, he is present during the time of morning and he is present at Sneha Nursing Home during evening and night. He charges 550 INR for single consultation at both places.

Address : ENT One Clinic- 48, Royal Edifice, Central Railway Colony, Omkar Nagar Road, Nagpur. Landmark : Opposite Madhuban Apartment, Sneha Nursing Home- Central Bazar Road, Nagpur. Landmark : ICICI ATM.

Dr. Gauri Kapde Vaidya

Dr. Vaidya holds the MS-ENT degree and has an experience of 14 years. She is an otorhinolaryngologist and practiced at Govt. Medical College and AJB ENT Hospital. She did papers on cochlear implants and phonosurgery. At present she practices at Neeti Clinics. She is present at her clinic from Monday to Saturday from morning till night. She charges 400 INR per session of consultancy.

Address : Neeri Gaurav Complex, Central Bazar Road, Lokmat Square, Nagpur.

Dr. Mahendra Gujar

Dr. Gujar has an MS-ENT degree and has an experience of 15 years. He is a member of Indian Medical Association. He is a specialist in head & neck pain, thyroplasty, hearing loss, hearing aid fitting, ear pain, thyroid surgery. He presently practices at Dhwantari Multispeciality Clinic, his own clinic. He is present at his clinic from Monday to Saturday from morning to afternoon. He charges 200 INR per session of consultancy.

Address : Nandanvan Square, Ganeshnagar, Nagpur City, Nagpur. Landmark : Azamshah Layout & Opposite Ram Bhandar.

Phone No : 071522 41630


The rising throat and hearing problems due to noise pollution mostly. There are various risks including impairment in hearing and also problems in larynx causing breaking of voice. The nasal pathway are mostly blocked due to the increasing air pollution, along with it there are increasing cases of polyp growth in the nasal regions. These risks can cost life if not taken proper care of as early as possible. These problems increases risk of higher chances of tumor formation at later stage of life. Thus as soon as the problems are detected the doctors must be consulted who are best in their field and one must work according to what advice they give. That is the reason the list of best ENT specialists in Nagpur will help people during consultation immediately in case of an emergency. The other reason due to the hearing impairment rise is immense use of earphones. The use of earphones that leads to neural damage that causes this deformity. These daily problems can be cured by doctors who have this area of expertise as given in the list above.

Written by: Shubhadeep Bose.

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For compiling the list Essencz takes into account various genuine sources such as Google reviews, peer site reviews and rating on other credible health websites. Ratings reflect the Doctor’s or Hospital’s Accuracy of diagnosis, Experience, Qualification, Infrastructure, Success Rates and overall services. Also this list has no specific order. All the doctors are renowned in their fields.