Blood Banks in Kolkata List

Blood Donation is a very significant contribution one can do towards the society. Sometimes people need blood for various reasons or complications, say for diseases like Anemia or situations where anybody meets with an accident and loses blood. And finding the exact match at the hour of urgency can be very challenging. Here is where Blood Banks play a vital role. Blood bank is a place where different blood groups are collected from various permitted donors, separated into components, stored, and prepared for transfusion to recipients. In this post, we will discuss a complete list of Top Blood Banks in Kolkata for your reference.

Why Blood Bank?

There’s no doubt that Blood is certainly the fundamental connection to having a healthy functioning of body. According to the American Red Cross, every year nearly 5 million people receive blood transfusions. Thanks to the blood banks accompanied by years of research, there has been a lot of progress made towards making transfusions safer and more effective.

It is not at all harmful for an adult to donate blood. The body of the donor can regenerate the blood within few days. Moreover, it doesn’t pose any threats to the regular functioning and metabolism of the donor’s body. These days’ blood banks ensure separating the collected blood into various components so that it can be used effectively according to the patient’s needs. Red blood cells carry oxygen, platelets help the blood clot, and plasma has specific proteins that allow proper regulation of coagulation and healing. Although research has helped in inventing drugs which help people’s bone marrow produce new blood cells more rapidly, the response time for the body can still take weeks. Thus, donated blood remains an important and more immediate life-saving resource in any situation of crisis.

Also, it is very important to be aware that AIDS and other transmittable diseases cannot affect a blood donor. The equipment used to collect blood is sterile, used only once and then discarded. Hence, there is no risk of contracting AIDS or any other infectious diseases by donating blood.

Requirements for the Donor

There is always a need for blood donors for the blood banks to keep functioning properly. Modern medical care and treatments don’t operate without the use of blood products. A shortage of blood can result into inadequate care to someone.

Blood is collected from donors who are required to meet strict parameters pertaining to:

  • Physical health
  • Medical history
  • Potential contact with transfusion-transmissible contagious ailments including a history of – Drug use, Sexual behaviour, and any travel to areas of widespread diseases (like, malaria)

Also the donor must not be under any medication that could cause a problem when while donating blood and also have haemoglobin (red blood cell) level which meets the essential criteria.

Here is a blood bank list in Kolkata for finding the right blood sample when in need.

Blood Banks in Kolkata List 2018

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Over the years there has been considerable increase in public awareness in regards to blood donation. In fact, many colleges, clubs, colleges, companies, and societies promote blood donation camps for spreading awareness and endorsing the private blood bank in the city. By organizing such blood donation camps, we may help the banks to enrich their capacity and hence, supply blood in critical hours. It is a healthy gesture and we must keep doing it at any cost.