Top Blood Banks in Bangalore List

Looking for blood banks in Bangalore? Well, blood may be needed for so many reasons at the hours of emergency. It can be for any blood deficiency disease or it can also be for someone who met with an accident. Nevertheless, finding the exact match at the moment of need is indeed a taxing job. This is where Blood Banks play a vital role. Blood bank is a place where different blood groups are collected from various permitted donors, separated into components, stored, and prepared for transfusion to recipients. In this post, we will discuss a complete list of Top Blood Bank in Bangalore for your reference.

Top Blood Banks in Bangalore List 2018

Need of Blood Banks

Blood banks make it easier for us to get blood samples as and when required by the patient. These banks are very efficient when collecting blood from the donors while following necessary health parameters and also ensuring no harm to the donor. Now days, blood banks ensure separating the collected blood into various components so that it can be used effectively according to the patient’s needs. There is no doubt that Blood is the fundamental link to having a vigorously functioning of body. In fact American Red Cross claims, nearly 5 million people receive blood transfusions every year. Thanks to these blood banks accompanied by years of research, there has been a lot of progress made towards making transfusions safer and more effective. Take a look at our list to find the blood group you are looking for as blood still continues to be an important and more immediate life-saving resource in any kind of situation of crisis.

Types of Blood groups

For obtaining blood from these Blood banks, first and foremost, you need to know the blood group you seek to buy. Even though, everyone’s blood is composed of the same basic elements, but not all blood is alike. The blood groups can be categorized into four broad categories depending on the presence or absence of two antigens i.e. A and B on the surface of red blood cells.

  •   Group A
  •   Group B
  •   Group AB
  •   Group O

To understand more about blood groups you can visit a hematologist in Bangalore.

How is Blood preserved in Blood Banks?

The blood banks in India usually preserve the blood for 35 days using CPDA or CPDA1 solution as anticoagulant. Now, why 35 days? The donated blood contains RBCs with a lifespan of 1 to 120 days’ life span. Obviously, cells that have such varied life spans cannot be preserved for 120 days in the bag since in that case there will only be a few living cells present. That is why, in order to get a considerable number of active cells present in the blood for transfusion, 35 days shelf life has been found to be optimum.

Strict Standards maintained for Blood Collection  

The blood banks follow strict standards before permitting donors and collecting blood. Although there is always a need for donors for the blood banks to keep functioning properly, however, the blood collected from donors are required to meet strict parameters pertaining to their physical health, medical background, current medications and also, the hemoglobin levels.

Here is a blood bank list in Bangalore for finding the right blood sample when in need.

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Over the years there has been considerable increase in public awareness in regards to obtaining blood from blood banks. In fact, many colleges, clubs, colleges, companies, and societies promote blood donation camps for spreading awareness and endorsing the private blood bank in Bangalore. Refer to the list of the blood banks mentioned above and you are all set to find the blood sample you are looking for.