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Top 10 Signs of Dandruff


In the ruthless era of cut-throat completion, the need to look presentable and flawlessly professional in the required field is absolutely imperative. Then whether it is a business meeting or a casual get together with colleagues, one should always be on his best in case an opportunity presents itself to them.

Dandruff is one of the problems that cause unconcealed embarrassment and humiliation. It is a major factor in diminishing one’s self confidence and escalating the level of one’s insecurities. Easily visible, the white and gray flakes cause public humiliation and make people want to keep their distance from you. Have you ever shied away from the hair salons due to your lack of confidence in letting a stranger put their fingers through your dandruff infested hair? Letting the entire world see your shortcomings is daunting. But it’s time to stop being depressed about the situation and find the appropriate solution to get rid of your dandruff problem forever.


This article is dedicated to finding the origin and symptoms of the problem. Without knowing your enemy, it is difficult to fight it. So, keep your eyes focused as we list some of the most crucial signs of dandruff that should not go unnoticed under any circumstances. Dandruff is not an untreatable predicament. The matter of the fact is that it is very easy to take care of your dandruff problem either medically or even at home. All you need is sharp focus to recognize the first few signs of dandruff and then appropriate measures on how to handle it. For your convenience, you can learn about this problem and suitable solutions right from sitting at your desk on your computers. We are here to help you see the problem through a professional’s eye.

Listed below are the Top 10 Signs of Dandruff that should not be avoided:

In youngsters and adults the symptoms of dandruff are relatively easier to spot.


Gray colored flakes disguised as skin on an oily scalp is the main symptom of dandruff. The appearance of this dead skin on your hair is because of the production of new cells which causes the old, dead cells to be terminated.

Uncomfortable Feeling

Presence of dandruff might cause a constant itch in your head and make you feel tightness in your head that will surely be uncomfortable. The continuous itch will not only be irritating but will be a reason of significant mortification in the midst of friends and society.

Patches on Skin in Adults

Under major circumstances, greasy and red patches might appear on the scalp if the dandruff not treated on time. Such a condition stipulates a person to immediately consult an experienced dermatologist for the correct advice. This condition is known as Seborrheic dermatitis. It occurs to people in their adulthood and late teens.

Patches on Scalp in Children

The major sign of dandruff problem in babies is the appearance of crusting and scaling rash on the infant’s scalp. This situation too requires an immediate attention of a dermatologist or a pediatrician. The small kids cannot verbally state their problem so it is important for the adults to be alert. This condition in children is called cradle cap and can cause irritation and itchiness on the scalp of a child.


Appearance of white and gray flakes on shoulders is yet another common and most visible sign of dandruff problem and needs to be treated effectively.

Sore Head

Untreated dandruff can also be the cause of headache and restlessness.


The manifestation of white flakes on eyelashes is yet another symptom of dandruff. This usually happens when the level of dandruff has escalated from normal level and it requires immediate action.


The dead skin may also be visible inside and around the ears.


Severe case of Seborrheic dermatitis will also find people suffering from visible white flakes on either sides of nose.

Hair fall

The most common and one of the most severe symptoms of dandruff is hair fall. If the dandruff remains untreated for a significant amount of time then it can cause major hair loss issues.

Shying away from our personal hygiene problem is never a solution. Taking precautionary steps to completely eliminate the said problem is the way to go. So, it’s time to stop hiding in your house and step in the radiant sunlight with utmost confidence and without a speck of insecurity. Discover your problem and fight it head-on. Hope this article: Top 10 Signs of Dandruff have helped you. Do share your views in the comments here.

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