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How to Repair Damaged and Dry Hair?


Does it depress you when your comb gets stuck in the mass of tangled hair and can’t seem to behave?

Tired of trying anything and everything to keep your hair from looking rough and dry?
Do you have a bad hair day more often than not?

Well you are not alone with this problem. Over eighty percent of the women population goes through the same hardship of endeavoring to manage their hair into a somewhat presentable form on a daily basis. Our hair goes through a lot of hurdles while there are very few they are able to effectively fight back. Harsh weather conditions, unrelenting pollution, humidity and dehydration are only some of the predicaments that attack our hair on almost regular basis. Hair requires special attention and proper caring to be kept from being damaged by a myriad of factors, both natural and manmade. And to do that you don’t need to spend a hefty amount on hair products. All you need is the correct advice and genuine enthusiasm for taking the right precautions to keep your hair healthy, soft and thick.


It’s beyond impossible to hit a salon or get a hair spa treatment every week. The effects aren’t everlasting and it’s too expensive to even contemplate. Not to mention that some of these salon’s do not care about the amount of chemical they use on your hair while treating them, making your hair even rougher than they were before you went to get the hair spa, hence, making it an absolute necessity to return back and get your hair professionally treated again. This practice is not just economically unfriendly but an almost impracticable venture in today’s era where everyone is too busy to spare that amount of time from their schedule.

With proper advice and the right guidance you can follow certain simple rules and take day to day precautions which will miraculously heal your damaged hair and bring back the life into them that once used to shine at a young age.

Here are some of the remedies that can be easily achieved from home and is guaranteed to help you gain back the health that your hair lost ages ago.

Tips to Repair Damaged and Dry Hair

1. After shampooing your hair, do not apply conditioner. Instead, prepare a paste of egg white, one table spoon honey and a bit of curd and mix the paste thoroughly. Apply this paste gently on your wet hair the same way as you would apply the conditioner. For best result apply the paste and comb your fingers through the tendrils to make sure the paste reaches every strand and massage the tips gently in your fingers. Leave the paste as it is for ten to fifteen minutes at the very least. After that time, wash away the paste under the spray of water. The ramification would leave you stunned and breathless. Your hair will be soft and silky with the damaged and tangled, dry hair being a nonexistent memory.

2. If the damage to your hair is ubiquitous and never changing then the first step is to change your shampoo. Choose a shampoo that is sulfate free. Shampoos containing laureth sulfate should be avoided at all cost as these are industrial cleaning agents and are found in huge quantities in soaps and shampoos, even conditioners. They will undoubtedly clean your hair but later leave your hair dry and more damaged than ever before. Shampoos and oils made of natural herbs should help maintain the quality of your hair while at the same time preventing any harm and damage that the sulfate infused shampoos have a tendency to do

3. Hair damage can be of two types – external and internal. In case of external hair damage, your hair may lack moisture and where internal damage is concerned, it means your hair lacks in the protein department. If it is too damaged to be handled by you alone then think about taking some protein treatment like keratin blow dry hair therapy. But if you want to treat it at home then your best bet is to consume a healthy, protein filled diet and maintain good eating habits. Above all try to drink a large amount of water to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

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