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5 Tips on how to Control Natural Curls?


When I say that on a rainy day my hair fiercely conquers the humidity and in the end always loses, with the ramification being a frizzy mess that looks as if I have been electrocuted, I’m sure many other women will readily albeit desolately sympathize with me. Controlling your naturally curly hair might be a very hard daily task but it’s high time we dismiss taking our curls as some kind of curse and stat considering it the boon that it is. Curly hair can be styled in a myriad of beautiful ways that would be impossible to do with straight hair. Curls are sexy and when styled properly could really bring out your sensual side, thereby speaking loud words silently.

Curly hair requires extra care and precision if you want to keep them looking presentable throughout the day. The job is not easy but with some tricks and simple do at home tips, it is possible to style your curls in a stunningly impeccable form and maintain them that way throughout your day jobs. Listed below are some of the best tips that have returned the best results. Listen to the normal girls with regular jobs and what they do to maintain the natural beauty of their curly hair.

Tips to Control Natural Curls

Tip 1: Get rid split ends

Putting off trimming of hair for a long time gives your hair a dry and rough edge. This makes your hair easily breakable and very hard to brush. It makes it twice as hard to brush through them when your hair is naturally curly. Therefore, it is highly imperative to get a haircut or just a trim in case you’re working to grow your hair out, after every six to eight months. A layered cut usually works wonders with curly hair.

Tips 2: Choosing the right shampoo

Curly hair requires a lot of moisture. Some lucky people have naturally soft curls. The work for them to maintain their curls is significantly reduced. Usually curly hair is unfortunately associated with frizziness which is extremely hard, if not almost impossible at times, to get rid of. The best way to get rid of frizziness in curly hair is to choose your shampoo wisely. Always go with a hydrating shampoo. A hydrating shampoo will capture the moisture and keep it lock in order to prevent your hair from getting frizzy as much and as long as possible.

Tip 3: Conditioning your curls

Again, it is imperative to choose a hydrating conditioner for your curly hair. Take a fair amount of conditioner for your hair and apply it gently through your strands with a cautious hand. Make sure the entire mass of your hair is perfectly moisturized with the conditioner. Once applying the conditioner as instructed, leave it that way for the amount of time instructed on the bottle. In case of any doubt leave it at the very least for two minutes. Rinse it off after the required amount of time by cold water. The cold water will tighten the cuticle which will prevent frizziness.

Tip 4: Getting them under control

The hydrating shampoo and conditioner followed by cold rinsing your hair will keep your curls under control for a long while but even that will lose it effect after some time. To make sure that your curls behave for the long hours of work, follow another important tip that has had splendid results. Spurt a little bit of oil, preferable a one with a nice scent and which is light in essence – a good recommendation would be the oil from dove – and apply it lightly through the mass of your hair to get them to settle down. Despite of removing the frizziness from your hair all day long, it will also give a touch of shimmering shine to your hair and give them a life of their own.

Tip 5: Styling your curls

When it comes to styling your curls, a hundred questions arise in your mind. The first and foremost is how to attain a good, pleasant looking hairstyle that is easy to style and comfortable to keep and effortless to maintain. Curls are normally known for their large volume. The best hairstyle would be to keep it away from your eyes to eliminate an untidy and cluttered look at the same time making them comfortable to keep. The best advice would be to pull and roll the strands near your forehead and tuck them at the back of your head with the use of a bobby pin. The style is sophisticatedly professional and delicately feminine and is very easy to maintain.

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