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How to Control Frizzy Hair


Tired of waking up to unruly, dry and frizzy hair?
Frustrated out of your mind while endeavoring to get your frizzy hair to behave?

Frizzy hair and the undoubtedly less than refined look it accompanies with it is the most basic problem of a major popularity of the women all around the world. People have tried almost everything to deal with them, but nothing works efficiently. One of the main causes of frizzy hair is almost always the humid weather. For most of the other cases, frizzy hair is the result of the natural curls that one might support. Then there is the case of lack of consumption of water and proteins which makes your hair dull and frizzy. Undoubtedly, dealing with frizzy hair is very difficult, but keeping them in control is not an impossible task. It requires regular attention and lots of care, but once you get in the habit, the results are spectacular.


Now, let’s take a look here. Controlling of frizzy hair depends on the cause of why your hair is frizzy in the first place. If your hair are naturally frizzy and remain like that irrespective of the climate, then there are a myriad of reason why this could be happening. It might be due to a deficiency of proteins in your diet, lack of consumption of water or the use of a shampoo or hair product that is not suiting you. Sometime, too much use of hair dryer and Hair Straighteners might be the cause behind rough and dry hair that will unmistakably cause your hair to be frizzy. If you have curls, then don’t try to get rid of them by using Hair Straighteners. Embrace your natural curls because, to be very honest, you could have more hairstyles in curly hair than you could otherwise. Try to avoid overshadowing the natural gifts you have been blessed with by using chemically enhanced products.

If your hair is frizzy due to dryness then make it a point to wash your hair on as regular basis as you can and do not forget to use a conditioner to gently condition your hair. The best way to apply conditioner on frizzy hair would be to apply it from the tips gently upwards while completely avoiding the scalp, as you all know conditioners are not meant to be applied on scalp. Then run a thick teeth comb through your hair with exceptionally gentle hand because your hair are most vulnerable while they are wet and combing them then should generally be avoided. However, running a thick teeth comb gently through the strands of your hair while avoiding the knots would not do any damage or be responsible for hair fall. It will get your hair properly conditioned while taking care of every strand. Keep the conditioner on for at least five to ten minutes after which you should gently rinse it away. Try not to blow dry your hair after performing this and instead choose to let it air dry for best ramification. Try to do this twice or thrice a week at the very least and see instant results.

If your hair becomes frizzy in a humid weather then there is no other way except to take the advice of celebrity stylist Christo who is the owner of Christo Fifth Avenue, NYC. When facing a humid climate, make it a point to choose a shampoo which is hydrating in nature. Keep your hair well nurtured with the help of such shampoos as it is extremely unlikely that well nourished hair will be easily affected by humidity.
One of the main reasons for frizzy, dry and rough hair is due to lack of moisture. It is very important, not only for your hair but also for your skin, to keep your body well hydrated. The best way to do it is to drink a glass of water after every two hours. Other than that, you should try cold rinsing your hair. Cold rinsing your hair will efficiently lock moisture in your scalp and roots of your hair which will in turn prevent frizzy and dry hair. Also try to use anti-frizz shampoos after selecting them carefully according to your hair type.

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