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Do Celebrities Possess Dandruff? How Do they Hide Dandruff?


The palpable essence of irrefutable confidence encapsulates them in its warm embrace as they take self-assured steps into the city surrounded by glamour, looking as flawless as ever without a hint of insecurity. What makes them so ethereal? What colors their visages with unprecedented poise?

Celebrities are no different than you and me. The only difference is that they make themselves their first priority. Is that so difficult? Not if you take the easy and simple professional opinion on how to deal with the problems that make you insecure in public.
Dandruff is the most common problem faced by people of all age groups around the globe. From time to time many so-called-experts have tried to come up with new solutions trying to sell their products to the clueless customers. Well, it’s time to educate ourselves with the right strategies on how to deal with our problem.


So let’s look at the problem from the eyes of our icons – think of your favorite celebrity. It’s their utmost duty to look as flawless as possible. Any chance of wayward dandruff is unacceptable. The slightest error in their appearance is captured and telecast all over the media. So how do they manage to hide and avoid the most common hair problem that has otherwise plagued the entire world? The key is to get a deep understanding of a problem before attempting to resolve it. Refer to the following article to overcome your dandruff problem by following a few easy steps suggested by competent professionals:

What is Dandruff?

The problem of dandruff is not some incurable, unresolved issue. In fact, dandruff is fairly easy to treat. Dandruff is nothing but dead skin or rash that is disguised as skin. It causes dryness around eyes, mouth and back. Human body is constantly evolving. New cells are produced while the old cells, known as dead cells, are discarded. The dead skin that is expelled through scalp is known as dandruff and is generally just confined to scalp but at times can also appear around eyebrows and behind ears. In some people, the process of rejuvenation of cells is comparatively faster than others caused by a small yeast organism, Pityrosporum ovale. In this case, the dead skin is expelled more rapidly which gives rise to the problem of dandruff. Large amount of dandruff on scalp and shoulders can cause unfathomable humiliation and thus, instant treatment of the predicament is essential. The exposure of skin to the extreme climate will significantly increase the risk on dandruff.

Celebrities Confess

No. your idealistic superstars are not flawless. Hold your breath while we reveal to you that some of the most desired celebrities suffer from dandruff problems and have successfully cured it too.

Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson once used to deal with dandruff problem. But wisely dealing with it, they overcame the problem and so can you. Follow the simple steps to deal with your dandruff dilemma and amalgamate it with measured patience and watch your problem dissolve completely by time.

Treatments and Remedies to Mitigate and Cure Dandruff

General home-made solutions involve a little dedication and a lot of effort. So, don’t shy away from taking extra precaution to get rid of your predicament. It’s time to discard your laziness and fight the ultimate battle to achieve dandruff-free hair.

 Home-Made Solution for Permanent Cure from Dandruff

To treat dandruff at home, make a paste consisting of hundred ml of coconut oil and twenty drops of lemon oil. After that, use a cautious hand to precariously mix five drops of thyme oil, ten drops of lavender oil and twenty drops of tea tree oil. Add ten drops of liquid selenium if available. Now apply this mixture on your scalp at least twice a week before sleeping for perfect results. Rinse the paste in the morning by gently massaging your scalp with firm fingers for five to ten minutes. Use delicate baby-shampoo to rinse away the paste and do not forget to apply conditioner after that.
 Temporary Hairstyles to Hide Dandruff

• Let your hair loose instead of tying them up especially if you have a problem of oily hair.
• Coloring your hair with a light shade may temporarily solve your problem.
• Discover the origin or the part that the dandruff occupies the most and style your hair accordingly.
• Curling your hair and keeping it open will give your hair weight and the required effect of visually hiding your dandruff.
• Wearing hats and scarf will effectively cover your problem while giving you a spectacular look with the addition of accessory.

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