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Beware of Dandruff Symptoms – How to Treat Severe Dandruff?


Dandruff is a problem that can affect anyone and can even turn fatal if not treated properly in a severe case. Extreme climate is yet another reason for the breakout of dandruff. The gray and white flakes can be a reason for utmost embarrassment and humiliation, but that is just the surface problem. Excess of dandruff can bring about a significant escalation in the level of hair fall and can diminish the quality of your hair as well. In serious cases it can even lead to rashes and patches on your scalp in which case immediate attention of a dermatologist would be advised.

Some of the blatant symptoms of dandruff are:
• Presence of white colored dead skin on scalp
• Shedding of white and gray flakes of dead skin on shoulders
• A significant increase in hair loss
• Decrement in the hair quality
• Appearance of rashes or dark patches on scalp
• Itching
• Irritation in scalp


Dandruff can be treated fairly easily and the treatment can be done through medicated products or simply be taken care of through home. One must keep in mind that the consequences of leaving the predicament of severe dandruff untreated can even lead to baldness. Therefore, there are some essential steps that must be taken into consideration while dealing with dandruff. Before discussing the home remedies, it is imperative to mention that if the dandruff has escalated the normal level and has reached the stage where you start seeing the flakes of dead skin on your eyebrows, eyelashes and the sides of your nose then the first step that should be taken is an immediate appointment with an experienced dermatologist. This is an extreme case of dandruff and should, under no circumstance, be avoided or overlooked. After taking the proper guidance from the doctor, the dandruff can be further treated through homemade remedies.

Best way to treat severe dandruff at home is listed below:

The simplest way to treat mild dandruff is shampooing on a fairly regular basis to reduce oil secretion until you can get rid of the remaining dandruff. Next step should be to massage your hair daily by running gentle fingers through your scalp. Controlling mild dandruff is not that difficult. It is the treatment of severe dandruff that takes some patience and persistence.
Listed below are some of the most effective home based solutions to treat dandruff and get rid of it for good.

• Mix a couple of lemons (two-three at most) in almost one liter of water and let it boil for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. After the mixture has cooled down significantly, it can be effectively used to apply on dandruff infested hair at least once a week.

• Soak two tablespoon of meethi, otherwise known as fenugreek seeds in plain water for a night. Make it a point to crush the soaked seeds thoroughly the next morning until it turns into a paste. After that the next step is the application of this paste on your scalp and the length of your hair for at least 30 minutes with gentle and patient hands. After about half an hour, rinse the paste from your hair thoroughly and continue this process for at least four weeks to achieve the best results.

• Apply a mixture of vinegar and water, both taken in equal amounts on your scalp and leave it like that for a night. Place a towel on your pillow to prevent it from getting ruined. Rinse the solution next morning with the help of a mild baby shampoo as baby shampoos are gentle on your hair with no harmful chemicals.

• At least twice a week apply dahi on your scalp and the length of your hair. Afterwards, rinse it thoroughly again with a mild baby shampoo.

• Beat at least two eggs and then use the resultant paste to gently apply through your hair and scalp and keep it there for one hour at the very least. This treatment is effective not only in getting rid of dandruff but also in strengthening your hair and preventing hair loss. It also results in improving the quality of your hair and providing a palpable shine to them.

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