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BB and CC Creams


“Fairness creams” is a term that’s fast losing currency.  The new kids on the block, BB creams and CC creams, are now finding their place in the shelves among other products that had dominated the complexion-enhancement section of the make-up stores all this while.

Why are these new formulations not just “fairness creams”? What are their functions and where exactly do we need to limit ourselves while using them. I know these questions have been running in your minds ever since you saw the first advertisements. The sure were running in mine, which is why I did some reading into the product and here’s what I found:

BB Cream:

Short for “Beauty Balm”, BB cream was developed by a dermatologist in Germany. He wanted to come up with a single cream that would not only protect the skin from sun rays, redness, and blemishes but also provide protection post laser treatments. In the last 30 years, this invention has been ruling the cosmetic markets of Japan and Korea; more so with the celebrities vouching for them. This ‘miracle cream’ not only moisturizes your skin but also promises to cover the effects of 5 other varieties of skin potions such as sunscreen, primer, concealer, foundation. It contains tints to conceal that flaw in your skin which took your sleep away for so many nights along with an SPF of around 30. Some of the BB creams available contain peptides and Vitamin E that work as anti-ageing actives; Vitamin C and licorice which act as skin-brightening agents, while some have hyaluronic acid for moisturizing your skin to get that perfect glow.

CC Cream:

The BB cream became such a huge hit among the Koreans that they took the idea and experimented with it further to come up with the Color Control or Correcting Cream – CC cream. This one promises to offer everything that the former does, but has an added advantage of containing a higher SPF and lighter formula in comparison. Being of a lighter formula, it spreads more easily over the skin and blends better than the BB creams.

How to make it work:

BB and CC creams are products that help you get ready for a party and can be put on for a simple trip to the mall as well.While applying, take about a pea-size amount on your finger-tip and dab on the problem area like dark spots, blemishes, dark circles under your eyes, or just about any spot that has an uneven tone. When you are done blending the product in a circular motion; use a foundation brush for covering up the remaining parts of your face. For allowing your cream to last a long time, use a setting powder at the end which would hold the cream. These simple steps make application of this cream as easy as it could get. A hassle-free cream that can be used as a make-up base!

All things come with limitations:

BB and CC creams do sound like they are the miracle products packed up in a tube but as always; there are limitations to these too. In spite of putting out such high promises, BB creams obviously cannot replace the items in your beauty-kit that it claims to cover the effects of.To start with, if you include all the essential ingredients of so many creams into a single one, the result becomes too heavy to be worn on a daily basis. Plus your make-up might even look caked because of these creams. It sure has a lot of advantages, but unfortunately masters none of them.

The second and perhaps more important factor is that the product is not suited for all skin types. With so many ingredients, people with acne-prone or oily skin find it difficult to wear them regularly. Furthermore, the creams can actually lead to break outs of acne.

Do you use BB creams or CC creams as your make-up base? If yes, then tell us about which brands worked for you and which ones didn’t.

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