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10 Habits to Remove Hair Dandruff


Tired of constant embarrassment caused by your dandruff infested hair?
Afraid to go out in public due to the eminent humiliation?
Tired of the constant itching and headache?

Well it’s time to stop worrying and start looking for a plausible and efficient solution. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and take the precautionary measures needed to prevent the appearance of mild dandruff. Hair dandruff is not a fatal or incurable disease in fact it is very easy to treat and is the cause of a problem for a majority of people all over the world, so you are not alone! It’s time to stop procrastinating and take the necessary steps that would stipulate the decrement of dandruff from your hair once and for all.

Mild dandruff need not require a thorough advice from a dermatologist or heavily medicated shampoos and tonics. It can be easily cured by various home-made remedies and also by taking a healthy diet. What needs to be kept in mind is to prevent the dandruff from infesting your hair you must be vigilant in the precautions you take and develop healthy eating habits. Here are our 10 habits to remove dandruff hair.


Some of the ways in which you could treat dandruff are listed below:

 Take 2-3 eggs in a bowl.
 Beat those eggs thoroughly to turn them into a paste
 Apply this paste on your hair for at least one hour
 Rinse your hair thoroughly after one hour is over
 Use a mild baby shampoo to rinse your hair
 While rinsing use gentle fingers on your scalp to massage your head for at least a few minutes in order to achieve the best results
 Repeat this process for at least twice a week for impeccable ramification
 The result of this practice would not only make your hair dandruff free but also improve the quality of your hair. It will help your hair regain its natural shine and make it silky smooth.

Healthy dieting for healthy and Dandruff free hair

A healthy diet is extremely imperative for healthy hair and it must not come as a surprise to you that a healthy diet is also an important factor to keep the dandruff away from your hair. Some of the ways in which a healthy diet can help prevent dandruff are as follows:
 It is essential to intake a healthy consumption of water every day to achieve healthy and strong hair. For men, the average consumption of water should be 3 liters per day, that is, about thirteen cups of water on an average. Women need to consume at least 2.2 liters of water per day, that is, on an average they need to drink at least nine cups per day.


 Consumption of necessary fatty acids is important for healthy and dandruff free hair. Therefore, consuming nuts, olive oil, fish, seeds and avocados would be good for the maintenance of a healthy quality of hair.

 In some people, excess consumption of sugar might be one of the main problems that leads to escalation of dandruff in hair. Experts believe that dandruff is the ramification of the actions of Candida yeast and sugar intake has been observed to increase the activity of this yeast which in turn is responsible for production of dandruff on scalp. So, an imperative step should be taken to reduce the excessive consumption of sugar.

 Beta carotene and vitamin A are essential components that can prove to be very vigilant in the fight against dandruff. These elements are present in broccoli, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, cod liver oil, etc. Proper level of consumption of this category of food would be tremendously beneficial in your quest for the removal of dandruff.

 Consumption of zinc is also important for a healthy quality of your hair, especially to prevent dandruff. This can be found in red meat, oysters, seafood, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and wholegrain.

 Addition of Allicin in your diet would prove to be extremely helpful in keeping healthy, dandruff free hair. Allicin is found in garlic and it is considered a health promoting compound. Anti-fungal properties present in Allicin helps in keeping the dandruff away.

Go ahead and share your story with us of how you fought dandruff.

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