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Top 6 Summer Skin Care Tips for Indian Women


So, you’re looking for ways to take better care of your skin when the scorching days hit the sky? Ah, getting on the qui vive and cagey about taking care of your skin is rather a good thing on your list. Yep, those pretty hats can help save the dire straits or the pain but there’s a lot more actually that goes into the picture for an ideal summer skin care regimen.

Well, don’t worry girls – we’re listing below some really simple yet highly effective tips for safeguarding your skin during those scorching days! Just follow them and get what they call ‘oh, that’s so much of a blessed look’. Take a look!

Top 6 Summer Skin Care Tips for Indian Women

Tip#1 :Moisturizer with SPF

Do you know Indian skin has more vulnerability to sun damage than most other skin tones? Well, for your pretty skin to stay under wings for good, make sure that you are reaping the benefits of a good moisturizer with SPF qualities. Yep, it doesn’t matter which skin type you have but whether you apply a good moisturizer or not. The higher the SPF your moisturizer contains, the better the protection for your skin. So, don’t hem and haw when it comes to investing in a moisturizer with SPF.

Tip#2 :Exfoliate

Get big on this one, girls! Seriously, exfoliating your skin during summer days is an essential skin care tip that you must tailgate. Just don’t shake and bake this one in any case. Typically, Indian skin is somewhat a bit oilier than most other skin types and tends to be more open to attracting grime and dirt as the day unrolls. And, that’s exactly why – the need for proper exfoliation pops up. So, make sure that you exfoliate your skin and use a good cleanser on a regular basis as a way to keep your skin healthy and pink.

Tip#3 : Know your skin type

Yep, this one’s as important as taking good care of it. Before you settle upon taking your skin under wings during hot days, ensure that you know your skin type. Well, just take a while out and get to know whether your skin is greasy sorts, dry, or a combination of both. This will only help you treat your skin right and use suitable products for the same. Also, make sure to buy a really good sunscreen lotion for protecting your skin from those harmful UV rays.

Tip#4 : Cleanse your skin twice a day

You must have heard of this summer tip for over a zillion times! A lot of women tend to overlook the significance of cleansing their face – however this can rather be a bad habit! Make sure that you cleanse your skin at least twice a day and apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple. If you have got oily skin, pick up a moisturizer that doesn’t add a bucket of grease to your skin. And if you’ve got dry skin, snap up a one that endows sufficient moisture to your skin. But yep, don’t you forget to cleanse your skin twice a day (all smiles).

Tip#5 : Do not use abrasive cleansers

Very easy to miss but very important to remember! For your summer skin days, you should ensure to use a mild yet effective cleanser. The point here is – shake and bake super abrasive cleansers as much as possible. You need to remember that a cleanser with tons of chemicals or harsh components will simply kill your skin’s health in the long run. Just latch onto a cleanser that’s airy, light and will pull away the dirt from your skin.

Tip#6 : Drink a lot of water

Finally girls, gobble down as much of glasses of water as possible. Its summer time and your skin should remain pretty well hydrated for a really healthy life. Yeah, yeah – it isn’t the ‘oh, that’s new’ sort of a skin care tip but it definitely is the ‘oh, I must do’ kind of a tip. So yep, do drink tons of water to flush out the toxins from your body and rejuvenate your skin cells during those hot days. Don’t just forget – water seriously helps skin stay hydrated, clean and healthy.

Well, that’s a wrap. You have it all! Just follow the summer skin care tips mentioned above and you’ll have beautiful skin for years and years to come. Take care J !

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