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Top 5 Useful Brush Techniques


If your compacts, eye shadows and lipsticks are like beauty potions then the brushes are your magic beauty wands. You need the two of them to work together in perfect unison to create wonders with your look. Here are some tried and tested brush techniques for you that have helped many a women weave magic at their dressing tables.

Top 5 Useful Brush Techniques

Technique#1 :Picking Powder

Be it foundation powder or eye shadow, blush or bronzer; how your make-up turns out is determined to a large extent by the way you pick powder onto your brush. Pick up too much and your face will look caked and gaudy and too little can give you uneven coverage and striped appearance. Rubbing and smashing your brush into the powder is not a good way to go about this business. Gently place your brush into the powder without moving the bristles. Prevent bending or splaying the bristles out. The most important tip – always remember to knock excess powder off the brush by tapping it before you let the bristles touch your skin. Doing so will stop you from applying too much powder on the spot that gets the first stroke.

Technique#2 : Circular Motions

Say goodbye to rubbing or wiping motions. There must be a pattern in the way you are applying your products. Always maneuver the brushes with a light hand and use short and purposeful motions. Circular sweeps are the easiest and most effective among all methods. Whether you are applying mineral powder, blush, bronzer or packing your eye-lids with color, circular motions will give you the best color definition and a soft and smooth finish.

Technique#3 : The perfect cheek technique

The best way to apply blush onto your cheeks is to smile through the application. When you give a hearty smile the apple of your cheeks pops out, thus protruding the area you have to concentrate on. Apply the blush on the smiling apples using quick circular strokes while working your way backwards towards the hairline.

Technique#4 : Brush Technique to get Higher Cheekbones:

High cheekbones are a very desirable attribute, especially if you have a round face shape. With the correct brush work you can enhance your cheekbones. All you need is a good contour brush, foundation powder that goes with your natural skin tone and a bronzer. Dip your contour brush in the bronzer and shade the area just beneath your cheeks in even sweeping motions. Now apply foundation powder to highlight the cheeks. The third step is to apply the powder below the bronzed area, right above your jaw line. Doing so will make your cheekbones pop by the principle of contrast.

Technique#5 : Technique for Killer Brows

Always craved for killer brows? Now is your chance to get them with this amazing technique. Apply just a little concealer on your concealer brush and trace along the edge under the brow bone and above the eye-brow to give your brows the perfect edge. With a short angled brush or a brow brush fill your tweezed eye brows with color to make them look voluminous.

Which brush techniques do you have up your sleeve? Now is your chance to bring them out into the open.

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