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Top 5 Summer Beauty Fixes for your Skin


The best way to keep your vanity and skin safe from long term disasters in summer is by keeping some easy beauty-fixes for common summertime skin problems at your finger tips. Check the slide-show to learn some effective damage control and be your own skin doctor this summer:

 Summer Beauty fixes for your skin

Fix#1 : The Tan Trauma

Tanning is as common as mangoes in the summer months but lucky for you; tans aren’t that hard to get rid of! The indigenous ‘Ubtan’, popularized as the all-important beauty ingredient for the Indian brides, is an excellent tan remover. Mix two tbsp of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and some buttermilk in a bowl and keep whisking until you get a thick paste. Apply this Ubtan on your face with special emphasis on the tanned areas and rub it off gently a couple of minutes after it has dried. It’s best to apply the Ubtan before taking a shower daily until the tanning fades away. The turmeric being an anti-septic will help remove acne-flares, pimples and blemishes and the buttermilk will give you an even skin tone!

Fix#2 : Soothing sunburns

Calendula Oil – this marigold flower extract can soothe sun-burns like magic. Once applied to the burnt area, this oil quickly eases the pain and speeds up the healing process. This is because of the saponins and flavonoids present in calendula oil. They are excellent anti-inflammatories that have a calming effect on the pain, protect the skin tissues against UV damage and also act as a catalyst for the healing of burnt and damaged skin cells. Now that’s some extensive therapy in a tiny bottle!

Fix#3 : Cool your skin

After spending a long day in the sun a cooling aloe-vera and cucumber face-pack is just what you need to refresh your flustered skin and mind! Keep aloe-vera and cucumber juice ready in your refrigerator from the very onset of summer. Take three tablespoons of aloe-vera juice, three of cucumber and mix these with half a cup of curd. Slather this mixture on your face for ten minutes for intrinsic cooling. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and cover your eyes with slices of cucumber while the face pack is on for a spa like experience at home!

Fix#4 : Stop redness in tracks

Redness is common in summer and by redness I don’t mean a pretty blush but a weird coloration of the cheeks. An ice pack is the most fool-proof way of getting relief from summer redness. Wrap two to three cubes of ice in a cloth and rub it gently on the red areas. This will not just cool the extra blood that has flown into the capillaries due to excessive heat but will also dilate the capillaries and improve circulation.

Fix#5 : Treat yourself to a fruity mask

A fruit mask will transport you to summer’s paradise! Mash some papaya, pineapple pulp and grapeseed oil into a bowl and add some fresh yogurt to make a thick mask. Apply the paste on your face for ten to fifteen minutes and enjoy the tropical extravaganza. This mask will do away with all traces of dullness and give your skin a beautiful glow!

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