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Top 5 Eye Candy Nail Designs


We are just in love with that (aren’t we?). Seriously girls, if there’s anything that would catch a girl’s wandering eyes –it has got to be a striking nail design that takes a nap on your finger nails. Eye candy nails designs look beautiful, trendy and of course, let you shine a bit extra in your group. Though there are tons of nail designs to try, it’s good to go with something that is edgy, modern yet a definer of you.

We bring you some really gorgeous nail designs that you can sport anywhere, anytime. And if eye candy nail designs are something that hook our attention, then we might just want to fall in love with them J Take a look!

Top 5 Eye Candy Nail Designs

Design#1 :Floral Nail Designs

It’s not summer season as yet but floral nail designs are everywhere around us. And well, for a pretty good reason rather. Floral nail designs are incredibly attractive for anyone who wants a feminine, trendy feel to their nails. You can pick any floral design – be it a combination of pastel flowers or a tiny garden of roses that look beautiful. For something that catches attention on a splashy note, you can try bright-hued flowers on a dark background on your nails. Or else, go all girly by keeping soft pinks and whites. How about going a bit creative and drawing tree branches with cute flowers on it? Ah, we just loved that idea 😉

Design#2 :Animal Print Nail Designs

What could be a better way of bringing a wild side of you out through an animal print nail design? Merge nail art with an interesting animal print and you’re good to go. Well, anything that looks like leopard spots or cheetah print will make your nails appear uber trendy. Pick a nude or slight brown color for your background and get some hot leopard paw print on it (our recommendation). But otherwise as well, animal prints are hot for any season. You can make your nails appear a bit peppier by splashing a few extra colors in your nail design.

Design#3 :Neon Nail Designs

Neon nail designs will never be enough for style followers. They just have a way to our heart, by all means in fact. It doesn’t matter which season is going on outside your window – electric neon designs are forever ‘in’. Criss-cross lines with neon blue against a bright pink or neon red hearts on a bright yellow will simply look amazing. Neon pink splashed with a bit of shimmer as a rainbow is another eye candy nail design to go for 🙂

Design#4 :Artistic Nail Designs—crystal-nails-ibqbhy0t.jpg

Go full creative this season. Artistic nail designs (something like assorted blue bows caught by a little hand) will look great on your nails. You can also make colorful horizontal boxes with different hues filled in each one of them. It not just looks interesting, but also ups your style statement. And so, artistic nail designing signifies anything that’s artistic, edgy & creative. Try your hand in this one, have fun designing.

Design#5 :Fruity Nail Designs

What could be better than a cool slice of watermelon on a hot summer day? Watermelon nail art, of course. Impress your friends with this adorable look that makes your hands stand out.

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