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Top 10 Tips for Summer Hair Care


Summer indeed comes with the promise of succulent mangoes, pretty sundresses, fashionable shades and exotic juice bars but the sinister combination of soaring temperatures, UV rays and pollution can never be good news for your precious tresses!

Did you know that the high summer heat is as harmful as exposing your hair to a super hot blow dryer? Sun rays penetrate deep into the hair strands and constant exposure leaves the hair follicles fried and the damaged cuticles screaming for help! Without proper hair-care you might be looking at a summer ruined by split, lack-luster, frizzy, brittle hair and an extremely dry scalp.

Scared? Don’t be! With the right dos and don’ts it is fairly possible to rule out sun damage and have your mane under control even in the hottest of months. Follow some of these basic tips below to give your tresses the sizzle this summer:

Top 10 Tips for Summer Hair Care

Tip#1 :Be sun smart: Choose your products carefully

The best way to combat the evils of sun damage is by picking the right products. As soon as summer sets in, stock up on hair products that come with UV and heat protection. Your hair will need a lot of moisture in summer to fight frizz and static build up so go for products that advertise with words like ‘replenish’. It’s the time of the year to go for gentle shampoos, deep conditioning treatments and bring home good serums and most importantly sunscreens for the hair. Click on the link below for a quick guide on what kind of products to invest in this summer:

Tip#2 : Say yes to massages :

So you have done your homework and picked the perfect summer hair products but great things (read tresses) are only granted to the ones who are willing to walk the extra mile. In case of summer hair care, massages are that extra mile.

Oiling should be an integral part of your hair care routine all year round but it becomes all the more important in summers because massaging your tresses provides a ready shield against sun damage, restores lost nutrients and moisture and keeps the scalp nourished. If the traditional coconut or almond oil is not your type then you can always go for the wonderful essential oils such as lavender, rosemary or tea tree oil.

Tip#3 : Say yes to Hair Masks

Hair masks might seem like a lot of hard work but let’s face it – your mane needs that additional pampering in summer! Take some time out on a weekend and allow your tresses to absorb the nutrients of a replenishing hair mask that suits your hair type and texture while flipping through a magazine or sipping some refreshing lemonade!

Tip#4 : Watch out for frizz

Frizzy hair is the most horrible among all summer hair woes. The key is to learn the smartest way to tackle the tricky frizzes. On a frizzy hair day tie your hair up in a bun, top knot or a fashionable updo. This will help contain the frizz besides saving majority of your mane from coming directly under the sun!

Hot Tip: Jojoba Oil can be your secret weapon against the frizzes. Dab some on your stubborn frizzy mane and enjoy the shine and silkiness!

Tip#5 : Trim Dutifully

Trimming is the best way to get rid of the sun damaged portions of your hair as well as the split, dead ends and frizzes that are very common in the summer months. When the sun reaches its shining glory, go for a trim every four weeks to maintain your hair. Want to know the plus side to trimming? Your hair will grow faster and so much healthier!

Tip#6 : Cover up

The best sun protection possible lies in these three letters – H A T!!! Do your lovely strands a huge favor and put one on before going out in the sun. You can match them with your outfit to create a fashion statement or just throw on a simple straw hat for a casual summer look.

Tip#7 : Learn how to stylize your pony

Ponies are the most summer friendly way to wear your hair! However, you must know that your work pony should look different from your gym pony. Summer is your season to go creative with awesome pony styles such as side ponies, knot pony, ponies stylized with braids, poufs, accessories and the list just goes on! Summer does not sound too woeful for the hair now… Does it?

Tip#8 : Don’t Blow-dry your hair or use hair styling tools

With the harsh sun rays and the rising pollution levels, your hair will already have a lot on its plate this summer which is why it’s a good idea to give your hair a break from the added heat of the blow dryer or the flat iron and curling rods. Try air drying your hair after a shower like they show in the old movies or give it natural waves by braiding it loosely when it is damp.


Tip#9 : Don’t Leave your hair open

This summer do not give in to the temptation of leaving your hair open. Yes, the vision of glorious windblown hair is truly amazing but the reality is that you will end up with a sweaty dirty mane that will cause you no little frustration. If you are bored of wearing your hair in ponies and updos then ask your hairstylist to give you a hair cut that you can flaunt and manage with ease in the summer months!

Tip#10 : Ignore the Signs

Dryness, frizz, lack of shine, static and split ends are the most common signs of sun damage. If your hair shows any of these signs then don’t ignore them but treat them carefully. Here’s a post on how to take care of summer damaged hair:

Top 5 Hair Masks to Deal with Sun Damaged Hair




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