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Top 10 Beauty Myths


Cleverly designed by cosmetic companies to augment their sales; beauty myths hurt not just our budgets but also our appearances in some cases! Sadly these truth-like fictions and shams die a long hard death. Let me kill some of them for you, right here, right now…

Top 10 Beauty Myths

Myth#1 :The “Dermatologically tested” tag signifies that the product is better for the skin!

Truth: The words “dermatologically tested” are mostly just a marketing gimmick. Think about it this way… This tag alone does not tell us what exactly was tested, how the products were accessed, who did the testing or even what the results were! We just know that they tested it! More often than usual, this tag simply means that the company paid a doctor to say that the product is a good one. If a product has to hurt your skin, it will! This so-called tag of safety should not be your parameter for picking a product!

Myth#2 :Women require separate creams for day and night!

Truth: Cosmetic companies have made us all believe that our skin needs special ingredients at night which can’t be given by the day cream; yet there is no accredited research work anywhere about these ideal night-time ingredients! You skin repairs and produces new skin cells all throughout the day, irrespective of what time it is! The only extra thing your skin needs during day-time is a broad spectrum sunscreen. Apart from this, every other skin care ingredient will be appreciated by the skin at all hours of the day!

Myth#3 :You can control the oiliness of your skin externally, i.e. through skin care products!

Truth: This is merely a hypothesis which the cosmetic formulators want us to believe in. Oil production on our skin is regulated by the hormone estrogen. Controlling the production of this hormone topically is something that still baffles the world of cosmetics. What you can do is, keep your pores unclogged so that the oil can flow evenly. You can also use clay masks to absorb surface oil.

Myth#4 :Applying collagen induced products will add to the collagen content of the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Truth: At its best collagen is a good water binding agent and has above average moisturizing properties; but do not let the cosmetic manufacturers make you believe that collagen when rubbed over the face can make any difference to your natural supply of the element. In reality, the collagen particles found in the creams are too big to be absorbed directly by the skin. Even if they are broken down into tiny particles, there is no research work showing that these particles will fuse with collagen already present in the skin to bring down wrinkles. Ageing is a part of life that you cannot escape. However, through proper sun-protection, exfoliation and good skin-care ingredients, you can delay the appearance of those wrinkles.

Myth#5 :Organic products are better for the skin!

Truth: This is a media-fabricated fiction with no scientific legitimacy backing it. Firstly the cosmetics industry has no fixed definition of the terms “organic” or “natural”. It can very easily mean whatever they want it to mean. Besides, just because something has been obtained from Mother Earth does not mean that it is better than its chemical equivalent and even the reverse is not true. In many cases, organic products are shown to be less effective and much pricier than the conventional cosmetics. So, stop being partial towards products with the “organic” tag and pick what is good for your skin!

Myth#6 :Thou must buy all your skin-care products from the same brand since they have been formulated to work in sync!

Truth: The only thing this practice is good for is the manufacturer’s sales! Every cosmetic line has its share of good, bad and downright inappropriate products. Just because your amazing cleanser is from brand X, does not mean you have to use its crappy toner as well. Buy the toner that your skin responds the best to and the two will work together just fine.

Myth#7 :Eye-creams are especially formulated for use around the delicate eye area:

Truth: There isn’t a shred of research work proving that the eye area is in want of special ingredients different from the ones that are required for the face and the neck area. If there were any, then why aren’t they present in the label of the eye-care products? Their formulations are chosen at random, with zero consistency in the industry. What the manufacturers actually do is charge you twice as much for half the product which is not very different from what you would put on the face. This is nothing but an illusion designed by the cosmetic companies to make you buy two expensive products where just one is required.

Myth#8 :Split ends are repairable!

Truth: You will find a lot of shampoos, conditioners and serums which will attract you with tags like “Banish split ends” but once again, these tags are mere contrivances to improve sales with little truth in them. Shocking, isn’t it?
Split ends are the oldest parts of your hair which have been exposed to months of sun exposure, dust and styling. Applying serums and specially formulated conditioners will only make them look healthier but not heal them. Split ends are irrevocable and the only way to get rid of them is by cutting them.

Myth#9 :Nail hardening products make the nails stronger and prevent breaking!

Truth: Contrary to the established belief, nail hardeners make your nails more fragile. The formaldehyde in the hardeners creates a bond between the strands of keratin protein in your nails. This sure does make the nails stronger but it also makes them less flexible and hence more brittle; eventually making them more prone to breakage.

Myth#10 :Lip plumpers make your lips fleshier!

Truth: All the lip glosses and plumpers which promise you Jolie lips actually achieve that by irritating your lips slightly which causes them to swell. It is this swelling which women misunderstand as plumping. These plumpers might enhance the appearance of your lips for two or three hours but you might have to pay for it through scarring of lips and permanent damage. Not worth it!


Not all myths are so cleverly designed, there some innocent ones too which are shared with us by our friends, mothers and grandmothers with our best interests in mind. Click on the link below to know about them:


Now that you know the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to these common myths, spread the word around! After all, knowledge is our most reliable beauty ingredient!



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