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 How to use Shower Gel




Well, there are quite a many notions strung along the books that go like ‘shower gels are too soft to strike out the dirt’ or something like ‘soaps are more souped up across the table’. However the truth is – a lot of grinding has gone under the sheath and has proven that shower gels are actually better for keeping skin soft, smooth and supple.

While using shower gels is as simple as a child’s play, you just need to plank in a right amount of gel to ensure proper cleansing. To help you with it (which is already an easy task), we are listing below some super simple steps that can be used to reap the benefits of using shower gels.

  • It’s important to keep in mind that a tiny amount of shower gel can actually induce a lot of lather on your bathing puff. Hence, make sure that you take a little amount of shower gel from its bottle and pour it on a loaf to work for rich lather. Add a couple of drops of water onto it – this will help your bath sponge build up a good amount of lather.


  • Gently scrub yourself all over. It isn’t some herculean task or a complicated one from a bucket. Apply the lather all over your body – pretty much the way you would use soap on your body.


  • However, ensure that you work on your legs and arms (even behind those ears) a little harder comparatively. This is basically to ensure thorough cleansing of the whole body. Try not to apply your shower gel (since shower gels are mostly designed for body use).


  • Once you have applied it all over the body, rinse off with warm water thoroughly. Though you can choose to bathe with cold water as well, you can turn the water to the temperature that suits you best.

And…. That’s a wrap! Well yeah, using shower gel is that simple and easy. Just try to steer clear of using shower gel on your face or hair. For your face, you can go for a good (yet mild) face-wash while for your hair, a good hair shampoo.

As an added tip further, make sure that your shower gel is of good quality and from a trusted manufacturer. A lot of manufacturers sell poor quality gels at higher prices – which may have a not-so good effect on your skin. Hence, be a bit vigilant before you choose a shower gel.

Important Note:

A shower gel with mild fragrance should generally be preferred. At the same time, do not forget to glance through the ingredients embedded into it. The milder, the better! In case any irritation or allergy pops up from using a shower gel, discontinue its use at your earliest.


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