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How to use Body Washes


Oh honey, it so isn’t a rocket science or something that bobs up with too many frills. Using body washes is rather a pretty easy thing to do on this green ground, provided you do ‘have’ a body wash to begin with. On a serious note though, getting rid of dirt and grime using a body wash is very simple and facile.

So while you toss out some choices of body washes to pick from (well, for your next bath), we’re up for a little help. Hmmm… yeah, it’s easy but what’s the harm in taking some expert advice? Winks here 😉 Take a look below to find out how to use body washes without going too little or too much on your act. It goes like…..

How to use Body Washes

Geez…… By the way, don’t you forget that body washes also help exfoliate and moisturize. Pick a really good one and you’ll be up for this simple yet great alternative to soap. Back to ‘how to use body washes’… take a look

  • It’s up to you, like absolutely up to you whether you like bathing with warm water or cold water. However for body washes to work their best, rinse your body with tepid water. This will basically help open the pores and get away with deeply seated grime in your body.
  • Do not make it a quick bath though! Take several minutes or so to unwind – benefiting the most from the whole refurbishing feel and allowing your skin time to open up and remove dirt and sweat.
  • Can you see that wash cloth snoozing comfortably around you? Yeah, pick that one up, damp it, and pour on a few drops of body wash. Just keep a good eye on how much to dampen it – this is mainly to create suds. You may also use a loofah to gather up some lather. Oh as a little birdie advice though, get a body wash that contains moisturizers and is gentler on your skin.
  • Though body wash is a great alternative (in a lot of ways) to soaps, it nowhere lessens up the chore of scrubbing your body clean. For that reason, ensure to wash your arms and legs as properly as nicely as ninepence. Don’t forget to scrub other parts of your body though – a gentle reminder. However, do not go harsh with scrubbing. Experts suggest that you should scrub gently to avoid any possibility of taking away moisture. So yeah, keep that one in mind 😉
  • Well, the water part now comes into play. Simply rinse your body with water (preferably cold water for the latter part). It will help close your pores and make your skin suppler and cleaner. At the end, just don’t forget to moisturize after bathing.
  • Look, we know that the purpose of body wash is to take away grime, sweat and excess oil from your skin. But, body washes do tend to take away a little amount (if not gargantuan) of moisture while you bath – and that’s exactly why skin experts recommend using a healthy moisturizer after bathing.

An extra tip:

Pull up a board and remember one thing! Body washes differ and they differ based on people’s skin type. While umpteen choices available out there, try to buy the type that best suits your skin. Yes, you might miss picking up the right body wash (initially) but your wits on body washes will eventually get a lot wiser. So go and get yourself a body wash – there are many. Good luck!

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