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How to Get the Perfect Pout


Lipsticks! Don’t we all want the perfect shade to light up our smiles? But choosing the right shade is as tricky as it gets because a lipstick can make or mar your look. A poorly chosen color, even the basic ones, can age you or can make you end up looking like a Holi disaster.

Orange, the zesty color, although looks great otherwise, has the high probability of making you look like a clownfish (Nemo, is that you?). Leave that color for the ramp!

Purple is another great color but when put on the lips, it can make you look hypothermic and ready to freeze out.

Browns are considered a safe bet but they can put you square on your age bracket.

Reds! Aren’t they the rage now? But who likes to see cracked lips slathered in red paint that bleed in fine lines?

Most dark lip colors have the tendency to bring out your dark circles if you are not choosing the absolute perfect one for yourself and applying it flawlessly!

If you want to look young, embrace the pretty pinks. Why you ask? Pink, and this is speaking for all skin tones, has the sheer brilliance of making the person wearing the color, glow. Its shimmering luminosity flatters the complexion like no other hue. From the palette of pretty pinks, opt for the one that is one or two shades lighter than your natural lip color and see your lips shine and how!

So be wary, be very wary. Yes, it is tough to choose a perfect lipstick shade to stick to! However, let us not mourn yet. Reading on this article might just help you unite you with your perfect shade and pout!

Color is not the only thing to be kept in mind. Texture is as important! Long-staying lip colors can make your lips look dry and enhance the lip lines, so say no to matte and opaque products. The right texture for a good lipstick is a velvety finish with the right amount of sheen. That is not all, unfortunately. A good lipstick can only be so good as the lips themselves. Along with the right shade, a healthy pucker is an absolute pre-requisite for perfect lips.

A few pointers to help take care of those luscious gifts:

Exfoliate: If dry, chapped lips are your mighty burdens then be sureto exfoliate your lips before putting on a lipstick. No one likes flaky colored bits of skin poking out. Exfoliate with specially formulated lip exfoliators available in the market or better still, you can make your own at home with glycerin and sugar. Then apply some lip balm to plump up your gorgeous lips. Applying balm will also help the lips hold the color. Ready the rest of your face while the balm works its magic.

Conceal: Use concealer to fill the lip lines on your upper lips or the lip ridges so that the colors don’t gather in them. This willgive you a smooth, even look.

Shape up: Lip –liners are usually under-appreciated!If you think it’s all right to skip lip-lining then think again! Liners help to keep the colors in place and help accentuate your lip contours. Once again the shade here is of paramount importance. Always use lip-liners that are of the natural color of your lips or one or two shades lighter, this will prevent you from having a color-mishap moment. Dark lines around the lips look terrible and oh so passé! Shaping your upper and lower lips with the liner also helps set the lipstick better.

Add colour:The million dollar question which most women face every day is “lipstick or gloss?” Unfortunately we cannot show you a way out of this confusion! Lipstick stays longer, adds panache whereas gloss is shiny and cheerful, thus, making your lips look plumper and younger. That is a choice I leave up to you.

Good looking lips are on the wish-list of almost every woman! Have some exciting lip tips? Share them! Help a sister out!





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