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How to Choose the Best Neon Nail Polish Shades


Ah, we don’t really need those hot days to break out the Brights! Yeah, yeah – neon colors are pretty bold as a way to tinge your wardrobe and pretty electric (no matter what’s striking on your clock). But c’mon, neon shades look best when you wear them on – rather than when they’re just snoozing somewhere next to you. Convinced? Well, well, well… great then!

So… let’s just uncover the trendiest neon colors that would look great on those ‘watch out, they’re just manicured’ nails and off course, that match your skin tone. It’s rather a peek into how to choose the best neon nail polish shades – irrespective of which season is going on or what skin tone you carry. Take a look!

This is how you choose the best neon nail polish shades

Pale or Fair Skin

Okay, if you’re blessed with those natural fair cheeks or have more of a yellow undertone (hmm, pale pinkish is in the bucket too), you’ll look great in dark neon purples or bold greens. Girls who have pale or fair skin will look stunning even in hues like bright blue or hot pink. Let us drop a bit of suggestion from our experts though – if you’ve got lighter skin, try picking up nail shades that have dark neon tinges or hot pink. It will simply accentuate your complexion and help you shine – ah, it doesn’t matter girl, if it’s day or night out there!

Medium Skin

Women with yellow undertones or medium skin actually feel a dearth of playing a bit smart, neither everything works nor does everything fail for them. It’s rather like some ‘right or left’ battle for them. Nevertheless, experts suggest – ladies with medium skin should actually zero in on bringing their yellowish undertones to the forefront for a perfect look. Hmmm….alright, but what does that exactly mean (asked, some confused faces). Ah, get those bright coral, orange and yellow shades on your nails. Neon yellow or tangerine will look great on you, completing your skin tone just the right way.

Olive Skin

Tap, tap….tap those feet, you’re seriously lucky if you have olive skin type. Well to let cat out of the bag actually, olive skin goes pretty much well with any kind of neon polish shade. Yep, with any kind of neon color! Though neon yellows, pinks or greens look good on olive complexions, tinges that are sort of electric look even more stunning. Try something that’s electric turquoise, red or lavender – you’ll for sure grab those eyeballs on the street.

Dark Skin

Hmm, sort of a tricky task to pull neon shades on your nails but so not a herculean task, ladies! The most flattering neon nail polish shades for you would be – neon blue, purple and fuchsia. The trick here is ‘to keep it sassy yet simplistically classy’. You wouldn’t want to look ‘too loud’ for what you’re sporting right – so ensure, your neon nail shades are bright purple, fuchsia or neon blue. As an added tip, try not to pick bright neon yellow or orange hues (they will simply not harmonize well with your complexion). So yeah, keep neutral to play the best!

That’s a wrap!

Well no doubt, neon nail polish shades look mod and ritzy but you do need to put them on a bit wisely. Not every neon color would look great on you nor every neon color would look bad on you – it’s rather a smart choice that you

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