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Difference Between a Day and a Night Cream


The difference between a day and a night cream

Is my skin looking leaden or dingy? Is it getting a proper skin care regimen for luster and glow for years and years to come? Well, these are a few among the many concerns that you’d have your head swamped with. Though there are several ways to take your skin under the wing, the most important ones take a bit from your clock and a bit of your consistency in care. Some women simply cleanse, dab a few drops of a moisturizer, or bet their bottom dollar on a product that looks fancy from its outer shell. So, others would bank more on an arsenal of serums and creams to add a few extra years to their skin.

But in either case, the question arises ‘does a moisturizer really change its course of action as per the hours on a watch?’ Well, it’s very little known but the truth remains – a product for daytime is a lot different than a product designed for pitch hours. So, how do we toss out the differences and finally convince our wits strong enough to accept the picture? Or, should we simply simmer down and think ‘ah, that’s just another trick planked in by an evil corporate because all the creams are actually alike and same’?

Obviously, cosmetic companies do place a lot of emphasis on their arsenal products (for the obvious reasons) and probably don’t even mind building a shield before your naïve eyes. And guess that’s exactly why, it’s become really important to delve deeper and understand better. So, let’s just take a peek into the real well and figure out if there really exists a difference between a day and a night cream.

The difference between a day and a night cream

Day Glow

There’re not just the heaty blows that tone down the healthy complexion of your skin but a horde of other ‘easy to miss’ reasons too. During the daytime, your skin can facilely get attacked by environmental stresses, pollution, makeup, and of course those damaging UV rays – and guess, that’s exactly where a good cream comes to help you get out of hock. Creams that zero in on daytime protection not just help create a protective shield for your skin, but also help make your skin look energized and pretty firm. Well although day creams usually have a greasy feel to them, they can still provide you an oil-free canvas for your makeup to glide on smoothly.

In fact, some of the creams do contain certain special formals that allow your skin to breathe freely and absorb the embedded healthy ingredients lickety-split. However for sure, creams designed for daytime use do integrate vital anti-oxidants to battle against free radicals, SPF to prevent burning and photo-aging, and components like caffeine to add firmness to your skin. So yes, it does become important to bank on a really good cream for your day use. While day glow creams do fall light on compounds like retinoid and alpha-hydroxy acids, their efficacy cannot really be questioned. But yes, they do jar with night creams for a lot of obvious reasons, for night creams incorporate quite many active ingredients that focus primarily on rejuvenating your dead skin cells. Though some daytime moisturizers do boast of anti-aging properties, they do not really function as complexly as the ones designed for dusk to dawn. However, day creams are extremely vital for skin to stay bushy-tailed, so ensure that you do apply a good amount of day cream as part of your daily routine. All smiles!

Night Moves

Ah, it’s okay to catch forty winks without applying any night cream or it’s absolutely perfect to skip the night skin care regimen. Woa ladies, we aren’t beating the drum for the statements above or have them coming straight from out hats. But rather, they are actually are a very few among the many thoughts that most of you would have your head buzzing with. Agreed, it’s hard to be strait-laced or iron-fisted about the whole skin care regimen but you shouldn’t ever forget – nighttime is when your skin does its heavy lifting. It’s in fact the time when your skin gets busy with repairing, restoring and regenerating dead cells while you doze off.

So yep, it’s pretty crucial to use night creams for they help your skin restore and moisturize for optimum recovery from everyday stresses. Since creams designed for dark hours contain highly powerful and slow-absorbing moisturizing elements, you should ensure to bank on a good night cream for sure. At the same time, don’t overlook the fact that night creams actually embed the highest concentrations of anti-aging compounds like retinol, glycolic acid, and hyaluronic acid – which further allow your skin to stay protected from the damaging UV rays and stay young for the years and years to come.

Why use both?

Simply because they both proffer a different purpose and hold a great significance as your daily skin care routine. Yes, there really exist differences – be it their purpose or the whole texture! However, the fact that needs to be reminded time and again is ‘your skin actually needs some good moisturizing and protection during the day and good restoring and rejuvenation during the night’.

Hence, make sure that you’re benefiting the most from both (while the deciding on which one to pick is completely your call). Just ensure that you’re well aware of your skin needs and do not get outfoxed by the ones that advertise huge but deliver small. Be wise while you choose your creams and add a lot of years to your skin – for it deserves it all! Take care!

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