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Bold Lipsticks – 5 Occasions you Must Wear and 5 you Mustn't

Tired of seeing the same old pastel coloured lips in the mirror?  Are you lusting over the new bold shade that Deepika Padukhonewas seen wearing? Or do you want Rekha’s timeless bold lips? Whatever the scene, you know you want to shake up that make-up kit and your look! And what better way to look like a million dollars than trying out that bold lip shade you’ve been eyeing for ages? It’s time to own it and parade around in it like the star that you are. Cheaper than most accessories, bold lipsticks are a royalty in the fashion industry that everyone bows to reverently. A bold lip colour can enhance your beauty, but it can also prove to be tricky when applied in less than accommodating circumstances. Choosing a bold lip colour is not a trivial matter and therefore, a few guidelines can help you master the look you have been vying for. A few do’s and do not’s are all you need to set you on the right track to self-reinvention.


Say ‘Aye’ to Bold Lipstick When: 

Occasion#1 : Wearing glasses

Do you loathe your boring bespectacled look? Look no further than that fuchsia lipstick you’ve hidden in your bag. Bold lips snatch away undue attention from your glasses, giving you an edgy and vibrant look. You can also try experimenting with fun colors like wine and coral and watch your fashionista betters go green with envy as you lap up all the attention.

Occasion#2 :Brunching with the girls

Girls Night Out is always fun, but what’s more fun is a brunch with your girlfriends. That is the cue to get the bold puckers out in the sun. Bold lipsticks are the perfect date to bring to a brunch. Moreover, your friends can give you the right review whether you should keep the look or kiss it goodbye.

Occasion#3 : Giving a presentation at work:

So, you have a big presentation to lead, but you lack the confidence to speak in public? Calm those nerves before you go berserk. Get hold of that dark red lipstick and glide it on. Watch your old mundane self melt away to give rise to a smart, bright woman. That bold shade can spark your confidence like no other and leave you feeling like a winner.

Occasion#4 : Going on a Third Date

We all know third date is a benchmark to be reckoned with. Want to look special for that special occasion? No need to go on a desperate shopping spree. A great bold lip colour is all you need to make you look gorgeous. Find the right shade to match your skin tone and dress, and watch him go all starry-eyed and tongue-tied.

Occasion#5 : Getting Married

Okay, so the day has come and you can’t imagine you looking anything other than strikingly beautiful. And no bride looks complete without that vermillion lip colour on her lips. The colour of love and passion will make you feel beautiful even after decades as you flip through those photo albums.

Say ‘Nay’ to Bold Lipstick When:

Occasion#1 : You’re sporting the smoky-eye look

Two revolutionary looks never go well together. Here is where you apply the ‘less is more’ rule and avoid bold lipstick when you’re already going heavy on the eyes, unless you want your face to look like a crime scene.

Occasion#2 : You’re shopping

Shopping means trying on heaps of clothes. That is the time to strictly go light on the lipstick, otherwise the lip colour can stain the clothes you are trying on, leaving you to pay for the damages.

Occasion#3 : You’re meeting the potential in-laws

That’s a task indeed. A bold lip colour can cut quite a striking look but it can also be intimidating. Moreover, it can become messy when eating is involved. Meeting the in-laws for the first time is a tricky and a sensitive occasion and in such cases, going light on the lips is a smart move.

Occasion#4 : You’re going out on a sunny day

A hot and sunny day with all the heat and perspiration is not a good time to wear bold colors. With so much of heat around you don’t need to turn the heat on.

Occasion#5 :You’re attending mourning or a like somber event

A house of mourning is not the place to channel your inner diva. In situations like these, it is best to stay away from the spotlight and bold lipsticks, even if you have adopted it as your second skin.

Now that you know, what to do and what not to do regarding bold shades, go ahead and charm the world with lip colors!


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