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Top 5 Benefits of Exfoliating your Skin


It isn’t just about running your hands off your skin and frolicking with ‘whoopee, dead skin calls are off my skin’. Rather, exfoliating is a lot deeper that you’d ever know. It (in fact) helps remove dead skin cells and also helps enhance the overall health of your skin. So while you settle upon the reason that sounds most convincing, we dig a bit deeper.

5 Benefits of exfoliating your skin

Listed below are a few interesting and some really amazing benefits of exfoliating your skin. Flip through them for a healthier, smother and richer skin feel (ah, you may thank us later, wink)!

Benefit #1: Improves texture

Hands up if you knew this one under your hat! Well, one of the many benefits of exfoliating your skin is – an enhanced texture. We’ve known for decades or more that exfoliating is undoubtedly one of the best ways to revive dull skin. So, if your skin feels dried up or jagged for any reason, you can start exfoliating your skin on a regular basis. This will seriously help improve the texture of your skin and will leave your skin softer than ever before.

Benefit #2 : Prevents signs of aging

Ah, this one’s a big one. Everybody wants youthful and lustrous skin for as long as they live. While eating healthy is a sure way to have skin that whispers ‘I’m full of life’, you should never think too little of exfoliation. Well, the little skin care trick can actually help you fight signs of aging and reduce fine lines and wrinkles (as you get older). Since our skin’s natural ability to cast off dead skin cells reduces as we mature, exfoliating on a regular basis can help us prevent such aging signs. Add a good scrub to your life and you’ll have your skin even more graceful.

Benefit #3 : Prevents breakouts

Pass over the grizzled myth that scrubbing your skin might bring up those ugly pimples popping up on your skin. It’s so not true – in fact, exfoliating your skin can rather help keep your pores unclogged and free of dirt. Everyday stress and bags of pollution tend to toss a challenge for your skin, as a result of which – oils from your skin can get trapped underneath the surface and result into breakouts. Exfoliating your skin will simply help your skin breathe fresh and get rid of grime and dead skin cells. So yep, no more blackheads or whiteheads, no more pimples!

Benefit #4 : Helps even out skin tone

How much would you fritter away for having an even skin tone? Do you seriously hang onto your hats for products that go big over their so-not true claims? Hmm, you pretty much belong to the common basket then! Having an uneven skin tone is seriously one of the major concerns you could ever have deal with. But, what most women tend to draw a blank on is – exfoliating their skin can help them get rid of leftover dirt and even out their skin tone. Well (as easy as it may sound), layers and layers of dead skin cells can facilely be removed by simply following a regular exfoliation regimen. Your skin will not just look brighter and more glowing, but will also have an even skin tone.

Benefit #5 : Helps moisturizer penetrate into your skin deeper

Last but not the least, the benefit of exfoliating also touches the deep penetration of your moisturizer into your skin. Exfoliating actually helps speed up the whole natural renewable process of your skin – as a result of which, new skin cells begin to take place and old dead cells begin to fade. And what happens when new skin cells generate? Well, your skin tends to become more absorbent of the stuff that you apply to your skin and healthy moisturizers begin to penetrate into your skin even deeper.

So, get into the little game of skin exfoliation from today itself. There are seriously a whole lot of amazing benefits of exfoliation, just try and you’ll thank us later (all smiles)!

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